Nissan/Fisker partnership.

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Fisker is now desperately looking for a partner. After stating a few days ago they do not have enough cash to keep the company going for another 12 months.

It has been a very tough road for Fisker lately. They have had trouble delivering the cars already built, with over 10,000 cars built with under 4000 delivered. Although they are still expecting to deliver over 20,000 units of the Ocean this year.

They’ve also recently reduced their workforce by 15%, and their stock is currently under a dollar. None of this is good news. The Ocean is also being investigated for loss of power and brake issues. On top of many complaints about various software-related problems. And finally, many reviews have been very tough on the Ocean. Which doesn’t help…

The possible deal with Nissan would give Fisker a fresh $400 million in cash and would allow Nissan to have access to Fisker’s platform. The deal would allow Nissan to build the Fisker Alaska pickup in one of their US factories starting in 2026. It could also allow Nissan to get its own version of the EV pickup based on the same platform.

I think it could be a good thing for both Fisker and Nissan. Fisker of course could basically stay alive and see the Alaska actually being produced. And the $400 million would give Nissan access to an all-new EV platform large enough for a good-sized electric pickup. Just in time to compete with other EV pickups from GM and others. Which is probably cheaper and faster than engineering your own larger EV platform to use for a pickup.

I haven’t read anything about the Pear., and it that car will be included in the deal or not. Fisker had announced a while ago that iPhone maker Foxconn would build the car in a US factory. Now they are saying that are “talking to a few companies”. This could mean things went pretty sour with Foxconn, and that would be too bad. I saw the Pear in person and it is pretty impressive and super modern looking. And it would be nice to see it competing with Tessla’s upcoming compact car.

Let’s hope the deal goes through, and that we’ll be seeing more and better Fisker models. However, even though I really hope for the best, I wouldn’t buy an Ocean any time soon…

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  1. Hilarious. If Biden pulls back on EV mandates (according to rumors) because he is scared pooless about the election (and he should be), it will be a blood bath for those pimping EVs. I will enjoy the carnage. I’ve got nothing against EVs themselves, but I’d prefer the thumb of our “Betters” not being applied.

    Could have pushed hybrids and that would have covered most people, most of the days they drive, but nope, had to go for it. Sad trombone.

  2. Interesting possibilities here. Fisker has been trying to pivot from the Tesla sales model to having traditional dealerships. Maybe this deal could open the possibility for Nissan / Fisker dealerships.

  3. Yes, you’re right (eyeroll)… its better to just let everyone buy what they want so the Chinese can take over our automakers after THEY’VE solved the problems of electrified mobility (total sarcasm). What its done is brought Tesla (an american maker) to the forefront, and dont you see that there’s a HUGE demand for hybrids, which uncoincidentally got better at the same time automakers started working on the problems of electrification? I can see pulling back some of the mandate as issues get solved, such as charging infrastructure. But at least Biden isn’t backing away from building this country. I guess some would rather he just line his pockets and spray his face orange, so they can continue to complain. Yet, miraculously, gas cars are still available! How is that even possible? I guess you’d better go ask Fox News.

  4. Without handouts from the government, all these EV newcomers have a very uncertain business plan. It is not like other auto manufacturers do not build EVs for the greenies.

  5. I love my electric Niro. You guys knocking evs are missing its amazing drivability.

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