Alfa Romeo Milano.

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The 2025 Alfa Romeo Milano is Stelantis’s latest model based on the e-CMP2 platform. Just like the Jeep Avenger, Lancia Ypsilon, and Fiat 600e.

This is Alfa‘s first full EV. Although in true Stelantis fashion, the new Milano will also be available as a Hybrid model powered by a 1.2 Liter engine with an electric motor. The EV has a 255-mile range rating in the European test cycle.

I think that again, Stelantis has done a great job making sure the Milano does look like an Alfa. While using the same platform as most of their other brands. Although I think the design ends up looking quite busy. However, the interior already seems nicer than the poor old Alfa Tonale.

Of course, the Milano will not come to North America, just like all of its platform cousins… (I guess “Milano” sounds too much like a cookie?)

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  1. A mid 80’s Alfa RWD sedan was called Milano, so I don’t think the name is an issue. Since it is smaller then the Tonale, I think the size is the problem

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