Future Alfas.

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Yes, new Alfa Romeos are coming.

In Europe, the new Alfa-Romeo Junior was launched a few days ago. However, this isn’t coming here. What we will be getting is a new Stelvio SUV next year and a new Giulia sedan a year later. Both will be based on the new STLA Large platform from Stelantis. Just like the new 2025 Dodge Charger and Jeep Wagoneer S.

So far, these are planned to be EVs, but as we know, the platform can accommodate Hybrid powertrains as well.

But really, what many of us would like to see is a new Alfa Romeo Spider convertible and GTV coupe. These are iconic body styles historically associated with the brand. It is basically a crime not to offer them anymore. They can make all the SUVs they want, like that larger 3 roe one coming in a couple of years, but they really need a coupe and a convertible for their image.

I know this will probably not happen, and it’s really too bad. Although you never know. The platforms are there.

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