Lynk & Co. Zero.

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The Lynk & Co Zero will be a new EV sedan from the Gelly group. As such, it will be closely related to the new Zeekr 007 we saw a few months ago (3rd pic). Although it seems the Lynk & Co version could look even more modern than the Zeekr sedan.

The Lynk & Co brand was created by Geely and Volvo back in 2014. Apparently, the cars sold in Europe are actually built in Belgium and aren’t coming from China. It is positioned slightly under Volvo and the cars can be ordered online, like Teslas. The Lynk & Co 01 and 02 PHEV Crossovers are based on Volvo platforms. The Zero sedan will be their first EV.

Since the same platform will be used for the Zeekr 007 and the upcoming Lynk & Co Zero, why not a new Volvo sedan? Zeekr already shares their Zeekr 009 minivan with Volvo as the Volvo EM90. They also turned the Volvo EX30 into the Zeekr X, why not a new Volvo EV sedan based on the Lynk & Co Zero and Zeekr 007?

A new Volvo sedan and wagon would be a welcome addition. Wouldn’t it…

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