Mazda Arata Concept.

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At the same time we saw the new EZ6 EV and PHEV sedan, Mazda was also showing a new EV concept, called the Arata.

A production version of the Ararta for the Chinese market will be produced with Mazda‘s local partner, Changan, starting at the end of 2025. So the concept is a pretty early preview.

Of course, Mazda describes the Arata as a second coming, with quotes like “Uplifting the Human Spirit.”

I personally think it looks just OK. It seems like a slightly more modern take on the same design language Mazda has been using for years. I am not a fan of super narrow windows and tall doors, which make cars look like army tanks. Although I guess this could be a bit better in the production design. The front end is very uninspired and insipid. While the rear of the car looks pretty heavy in a weird pear shape.

Although it is described as an important vehicle for Mazda in China, I think we might actually see it over here, or something close. Mazda announced last year that a new EV crossover was coming to the North American market. Many saw this as a sign of an EV replacement for the aging Mazda CX-5. Or something all-new. This new Arata sure looks a lot like it could be that new crossover. Although with the CX-60, CX-80, and all these new “look-alikes yet slightly different” SUVs for various markets, Mazda could be working on something completely different for us…

Let’s just hope the final design looks a bit better and more modern.

Mazda EV crossover illustration.

I was hoping for something more like this. Is that too much to ask?

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  1. Going backwards. The Chinese Mazda CX-4 released 8 years ago is objectively better looking than this.

  2. First of all, this is only a concept, folks. Dont get your panties bunched. I believe this will be the design study for the next CX-30 and CX-3 (which is still produced in Japan for Asian markets). The roofline and the window glass ratio to body panels wont be quite this severe. Objectively, that model has not seen the same continual revision and update that the CX-5 has. And Mazda hasn’t been able to get CX-50 production up in Alabama enough to determine its saturation point in the line-up, let alone get the hybrid (Toyota) powertrain for the CX-50 into production yet. So, they’re playing it safe with their bread-and-butter CX-5 because they still sell a ton of those. I wouldn’t be surprised if the next CX-30 goes on sale, and the Toyota 2.5-hybrid system goes into both a refreshed and heavily updated CX-5 and the current CX-50 before we see the CX-5 redesigned.

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