Buick Envision Plus.

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As its name indicates, the Buick Envision “Plus” is a longer version of the Envision. It is offered with either 5 or 7 seats and is still much smaller than the new Buick Enclave. The Envison Plus has been offered in China since 2021.

Just like the regular Buick Envision, the larger Plus model is getting the new front-end designs all Buick models are getting these days. The revised interior was first seen in the 2025 Envision. I have to say, that interior is quite stunning and impressive. I also think the Envision Plus, while not as good-looking as the shorter model, seems much more attractive than the new 2025 Buick Enclave.

In the US, the Buick Enclave starts at over $10,000 more than the base Buick Envision. Would there be room for an Envision Plus over here? maybe. It would be nice to have the choice of a smaller 7-seater in the US.

In China, the Buick Envision Plus is offered with a choice of a 1.5 Liter Turbo or 2.0 Liter Turbo engine with a 9-speed automatic. I think GM’s new 1.5 Liter PHEV powertrain used on the Chinese market Chevrolet Equinox PHEV with its 365HP would be a great option.

It’s all there. GM just needs to put all the parts together and bring this over. A 7-seater PHEV the size of the new Hyundai Santa Fe would surely attract a few buyers in the US…

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  1. As pleasant as the previous generation was, o think the new Buick Envision Plus had it all over the other one. And I think it looks best in that Moonstone Gray Metallic. I wish GM would offer it in the US. I too thinks it looks better than the new Enclave. A little more character on the side and the proportions seem just right.

  2. Please bring the Envision Plus stateside GM. Not everyone wants a humongous Enclave. The Envision is too small. I dislike the 2.0L engine however.

  3. Would be nice if they brought envision plus over to the states by September I definitely would get one just in time for when my lease runs out. Besides the new Acadia is too big for my needs now.

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