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Next-generation Mazda CX-5 Hybrid illustration.
2027 Mazda EV.

Like most other manufacturers these days, Mazda‘s future Hybrid and EV portfolio seems to be in flux. So far, they are only offering PHEV versions of their large CX-70 and CX-90 SUVs. But more are coming.

As soon as the CX-50 came out almost two years ago, Mazda mentioned a Hybrid version was on its way. It now might finally happen later this year and will use the same powertrain as the Toyota RAV-4 Hybrid with 220HP, as expected. Mazda has been selling the CX-50 Hybrid in China for about a year.

Next, there will be a new generation Mazda CX-5, probably next year. It will also be available with a Hybrid, however, the new powertrain will be a new system developed by Mazda, not Toyota, using a SkyActiv engine.

While Mazda sold over 44,000 CX-50s in 2023, the older CX-5 was over 3 times as popular with almost 155,000 sold. This means, of course, there will be a new generation CX-5. An additional Hybrid trim will make the next one even more popular.

As for Mazda’s first new EV for the US, it is still on track for 2027 and will be based on an all-new dedicated EV platform.

And it will be, of course, a crossover.

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  1. They need an elevated 2 door coupe SUV, not the MX30 BS but something far more elegant and sport car like. Mazda needs that in their DNA/Image.

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