Subaru’s future EVs.

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Subaru Compact EV illustration.
Subaru EV wagon illustration.
Subaru 3-row EV SUV illustration.

Subaru has announced it will team up again with Toyota for 3 more new EV models by 2026.

The illustrations above show what these models (or other future ones) could look like. Including a larger 3-row SUV and a compact new EV model about the size of the current Subaru Crosstrek.

“By 2026″means just 18 months from now. These are 3 all-new models we haven’t heard of yet. One of them will obviously be a Subaru version of the new large 3-row EV SUV Toyota is planning to start building at its Kentucky plan late next year. It will probably look very similar to the Toyota version, with its own front end. Something like the Subaru Solterra which is nothing more than a Toyota bZ4X with a lightly revised front end and Subaru logos.

Just like the bZ4X, the Solterra hasn’t gotten many great reviews so far. While the Toyota version is available in FDW with a range of over 250 miles, the AWD-only Solterra is rated at only 227 miles, with no larger battery being available.

The new Toyota 3-row SUV built in Kentucky will not use the all-new platform Toyota is working on for future EVs. It will be built at the same plant where they are currently making the Highlander and the Sienna. This means its tech could be quite similar to the bZ4X. Although increasing range and charging speed are still very possible.

It is unclear at this point what the other new EVs will be. Smaller models like an EV equivalent to the popular Crosstrek seem logical. Toyota has already shown a couple of new compact EVs for the European market, and maybe we will get the Subaru versions of these over here.

But Subaru is also planning 4 more EVs between 2026 and 2028. This almost sounds crazy since it will mean offering up to 8 EV models in the next 4 years. Which is more than their current non-electrified lineup, which includes only 5 models (if you exclude the soon-to-be-dead Legacy).

Toyota owns 16.6% of Subaru, and of course, it’s understandable to see Toyota-based EVs in Subaru’s future. I just wish they had the resources to come up with their own designs. However, from what we’ve seen latelly from Subaru designers, letting Toyota in charge of designs might not be such a bad idea after all…

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  1. This is idiotic. They were slow to bring out an EV and now they are slow to see that the market has shifted to wanting hybrids. Hybridize the Outback and Forester for efficiency. Use a hybrid powertrain on the WRX tuned for speed where the back wheels are electric and there is a small, light battery pack to drive them. No heavy and bulky driveshaft needed.

  2. and while they’re at it, the Ascent needs a full redesign. This is where a Toyota hybrid system would be useful.

  3. It’s getting harder and harder to see the appeal, much less the point, of Subaru.

    Once they’re hybrids (which they should have been for this generation) and no longer have the boxer engine and considering AWD is so widespread… what sets them apart? Ads?

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