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Subaru Ascent EV illustration.

Toyota just announced they will build a new larger 3-row SUV at their facility in Indiana. Where the current Highlander is being built. As we as the Sienna, Grand Highlander, and Lexus TX. The only EV Subaru currently offers is a version of the Toyota bZ4X called the Solterra. Subaru announced last year their plan to offer 4 EV crossovers by 2026. All of these new EVs will be sold in the US as our market amounts to over 70% of Subaru;’s total sales.

Subaru also claims their Japanese plants will be able to build up to 400,000 EVs a year by 2028. That’s quite a number.

Since Toyota owns 20% of Subaru, it is easy to guess at least some of these new EVs could be based on future Toyota EVs. Like the new 3-row SUV planned for Toyota’s Indiana plant as soon as next year. Since the new EV is rumored to maybe replace the Toyota Highlander, it seems logical for a new 3-row EV to replace the current Ascent. Or at least to be sold alongside the ICE version for a while.

With about 60,500 units sold last year, the Ascent is doing OK. Although nothing like the Kia Telluride with over 110,000 sold in 2023. Or the Toyota Highlander with over 171,000 sold.

Adding a new EV version based on the upcoming 3-row Toyota EV might not be a bad idea at all.

The Kia EV9 is getting more and more popular and Subaru needs something soon if they really want to offer 4 new EVs by 2026…

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  1. Subaru doesn’t need an EV crossover. Make it a hybrid powertrain (possibly like Toyota’s prime components) that foregoes the driveshaft. Mate it to one of their existing boxer engines.

  2. Vince, here’s a fact, Solterras are not selling well at all. Huge discounts, owners really pissed off about the poor mileage. Solterra forums are full of complaints. And at a local Subaru dealership, two months back, they had four used Solterras that they couldn’t sell. MSRP of their premiums was around $43K. Their used ones had less than 2K miles and the prices were at around $32K. The last one that they just sold, was selling at $26K. They had the last one for about two months. And I agreed, Subaru should focus on Hybrid and fun vehicles. I just traded a 2023 Forester (nothing wrong with it) and got a 2024 Mazda CX-5. Old six speed tranny yes, but so much fun to drive. The green agenda is not working, people like myself know that we are not ready for electric cars, not yet. Hybrid technology yes. If they built it they will…

  3. Regarding the green agenda – Automakers are following the same trajectory as every other business – you have to crawl before you can walk. Making EVs, even lousy ones, is the necessary step to making good ones. And it even helps with making better hybrids. Its trial by fire with integrating batteries into a moving vehicle. But Subaru started with a hybrid, misfired on that Crosstour hybrid (it wasn’t worth the time or money for buyers), but then Subie jumped to this Toyota clone. Also a mistake. Subaru should pay attention to the fact that their growth has been in more capable off-road trims, and there aren’t chargers out in those areas. So if you’re not loving the electrified products, wait until they’re better and buy ICE. But don’t condemn the entire process. Just don’t buy one. I’m not a BEV buyer. But I see the value of crawling in that direction. BTW – Subaru letting Toyota influence them so much is making their designs look like everything else out there. Another mistake.

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