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VW just released a very early teaser for their upcoming 22,000 Euros EV.

The silhouette shown looks a lot like a smaller version of the ID.2All/GTI EV concepts we saw a few months ago. These are supposed to start at a bit over 25,000 Euros.

The new smaller model was supposed to be related to the upcoming Renault Twingo EV, but Renault reportedly ended discussions about a joint venture. Somehow it seems both projects are still being developed separately by Renault and VW.

The new small VW EV is scheduled to start production in 2027. Which is quite some time from now… Meanwhile, the new ID.2All, and ID.GTI is still on schedule for 2026. And it looks like we might even get the GTI over here.

However, since they tend to lie, a lot! who really knows with VW? After announcing the ID.7 for the US, they just turned around and delayed the new ID.7 sedan for the US market “indefinitely”. Also delayed, is the ID.BUZZ! After all these years of waiting, VW is delaying it again.

I wouldn’t put a deposit on an ID.GTI yet…

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  1. If they wanted to sell more than ten of them in North America, they’d be smart like Honda or Toyota and just put a simple and affordable hybrid drivetrain in it … but they’re VW, so they won’t.

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