2025 Honda Civic Pricing.

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Honda released the 2025 model year Civic a little while ago and we now have official pricing info for the sedan (The hatchback is coming out later).

As you can see, the new lineup includes 2 new Hybrid models, which is now 50% of the Civic lineup. Something Honda is already doing with the Accord and CR-V.

The base model Civic gets a new 2.0 Liter engine with 150HP instead of 158. Something no one will probably notice in real life. And it’s only $300 more than last year. The top-of-the-line Touring is now Hybrid only and costs $ 1200 more than last year. This is about what Hybrids cost these days, around $1200 to $1500 more than non-hybrid versions. As you can see on the chart, City MPG is a whopping 19MPG better than the old 1.5 Liter Turbo. I would also guess the CVT works much better with the Hybrid just like it does in the Accord and CR-V. No matter what, this is probably a much better car for $1200 more.

Somehow, there is more of a price bump going from the previous Sport model to the new Sport Hybrid. (over $3000). However, the new Sport Hybrid now comes with a standard sunroof, heated front seats, and dual climate controls.

While these aren’t bad priced when compared to the previous Honda Civic model. I think it’s not that great when compared to the new 2025 Camry, which also comes standard with a Hybrid powertrain, for $ 28,400. That is actually cheaper than the cheapest Honda Civic Hybrid for a larger, roomier, and more comfortable car. One that competes against the Accord and not the Civic. A sunroof isn’t standard on the base Camry but is a $870 option.

If you also want something much more modern looking the new Prius is still under $28,000 to start…

Life won’t be that easy for the new Civic Hybrid. That’s what happens when you’re “late to the game”…

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  1. I completely disagree this time Vince. I think Honda is going to have a real hard time keeping the Civic Hybrids in stock, especially the hatch, as long as pricing is similar to the sedan, which I fully expect it to be.

  2. I couldn’t disagree more about the anticipated sales of the new Civic. Honda is going to struggle to keep the hybrids in inventory, especially the hatch, as long as pricing is similar to the sedan.

  3. I’m thinking the Sport Hybrid will be better handling than the Camry. Also for customers that want a smaller vehicle will pick the Civic Hybrid over the Camry

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