2026 Toyota RAV4.

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These are more illustrations from “Evren Özgün Spy Sketch” who posts some of his work on YouTube. These show a very angular take on a possible next-generation 2026 Toyota RAV4.

Toyota sold almost 435,000 RAV4s last year in the US alone, which is a pretty staggering number. You would think the next generation would be all-new, but Toyota did something different with the popular Camry by just giving it an extensive mid-cycle refresh for 2025, and not at all a new generation. Of course, the RAV4 is more popular and deserves an all-new design. However, the Camry isn’t that far behind with over 290,000 of them sold in the US last year. It is still a very popular product, but somehow Toyota decided to save cash and not come up with an all-new design, unlike the 2023 Honda Accord.

Who knows if the 2026 RAV4 will be all-new or not? It will probably be a hybrid-only model like the 2025 Camry. And even if an all-new design is in the cards, something like the computer-generated SUV above could be too much of a stretch from the current generation. A gamble Toyota might not be willing to take with their most popular model.

Whatever they decide, it will be interesting to see what they come up with for the new RAV4. And we will probably have tons of new illustrations and guesses until the end of the year when we should see the real thing. And hopefully, even a few spy shots before.

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