2026 Toyota RAV4.

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The next-generation Toyota RAV4 seems to be a favorite subject with many computer illustrators on the web. As we haven’t seen anything of the real thing yet, not even spy shots of prototypes, anything goes.

These are from “Evren Özgün Spy Sketch” a designer posting car design computer videos on YouTube. The pictures above show a very realistic and interesting take on what the next-generation Toyota RAV4 could look like—showing a more angular version of design cues we’ve seen on the new Prius and 2025 Toyota Camry front end.

I think something like this would be a great update and would make the current Toyota RAV4 look quite dated. At the same time, besides the Toyota cues up front, the rest of the car could also be mistaken for one of the many new Chinese EVs currently coming out. Although most cars are pretty generic these days and that might not actually be a problem for most buyers…

The new RAV4 will probably be unveiled next November at the Los Angeles Auto Show and could go on sale a few months later. I also think the Hybrid powertrain will be standard, with the PHEV being the only option. Even if the design is new, the platform and powertrains will be mostly carried over from the current generation.

Let’s just hope Toyota actually designs something that looks all-new and not a new front end and interior like the 2025 Toyota Camry.

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  1. As if that sloping hatch will make it into production. They are not going to give up that cargo space in the search of style. The hinge for the hatch is only a couple of inches back from the furthest to back edge of the back door. Compare this to the current production version. The slope only works because the hatch is further back. The Rav 4 is on my short list. If it looks like that in back, it won’t be.

  2. Whoever did this mock design needs to go back to the drawing board. That’s about the ugliest thing I’ve ever seen. It looks like a combination between a HHR and whatever the hell else with the big jet fighter scoops on the front. This is got to be some sort of a joke ha ha

  3. This leans over to the Lexus and Harrier, I doubt Rav4 will tend to that design. Rav4 and ruggedness are inseparable, not this smoothness.

  4. Wow this is really ugly, is this really what the future is gonna be? Jesus needs to come back already LOL

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