2026 Toyota RAV4.

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The last time I posted various illustrations of the upcoming 2026 Toyota RAV4, it was a collection of various horrendous and objectionable works from around the web.

This time, I’ve tried to collect more realistic RAV4 compositions.

. The first one does look pretty realistic, in a rather unfortunate way. While it does look like a new design, it is just too familiar and almost seems like a facelift version of the recurrent model.

. The second one is quite realistic and attractive. It also includes weirdo overdone design details like many current Toyota designs, unfortunately.

. The third one looks quite muscular and would really take the Toyota RAV4 to the next level. Although most RAV4 owners might actually be scared by how sporty and good it looks.

. The 4th one is another decent effort. Although it does feel like it was in the microwave a little bit too long.

. The 5th and 6th ones also are pretty realistic, depicting lazy design work from Toyota designers. One that would be very close to the current RAV4.

As I mentioned earlier, no one knows anything yet about the new 2026 Toyota RAV4. I personally think the standard Hybrid is a given since the 2025 Camry has already made the jump. Unlike the Camry, the RAV4 will still offer a more powerful PHEV option.

With the RAV4 being Toyota’s most popular model in the US, you would think it deserves a brand-new design. That’s what many thought the 2025 Camry was going to be. Instead, we got an extensive facelift and not a new generation.

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  1. The first one looks like a rip off of their ev and the bottom like a rip off of the Corolla Cross. Obviously, these people have zero imagination. I don’t think Toyota will pull a Camry with the Rav4, it’s too important. But I do think there’s a good chance it will be a hybrid only model.

  2. The third one is a joke. A clown car that only the smooth brained would buy. It’s nice, but completely defeats the point about what a RAV4 is. “Let’s take away rear headroom and make the cargo area a lot smaller!!!!!!”

  3. I can tell you none of these are close the back end will be more squared off, also nice body flare byvthe rear wheels also

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