Future Cadillac Convertible video.

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This is just a short video featuring illustrations previously posted on the site.

Various daydreams about what a possible future Cadillac Convertible could look like. Maybe a new Eldorado? Probably something many are currently dreaming of and very few would actually purchase.

Current Cadillac models are mostly new SUVs. With a couple of rather boring-looking older sedans left. Which seems far from “The standard of the world”. Still, GM’s new Ultium platform offers plenty of flexibility (from the future Chevrolet Bolt to the Hummer EV), and Cadillac could produce something like this if they wanted to.

All we know is that a couple of new EV sedans are in the works. Let’s hope they look good. Let’s also hope they’re not only for the Chinese market. (Like the really nice looking Buick EV4 not sold over here).

Meanwhile, we can all dream a little…

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  1. Hysterical script. Love it, Vince. The poolside four seater seems the most realistic version of the car we’ll never get.

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