Hyundai Inster.

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The all-new Hyundai Inster EV is the electric version of the Hyundai Casper sold in Korea.

Unlike the Casper, the Inster will be sold in Europe. And has a terrible name… (Why not Ioniq 1 or 2?)

The range with the largest battery pack is expected to be around 220 miles in the local test cycle. Which would be under 200 miles EPA. But the cool and cute Inster is not coming to North America. Even though the Inster EV is about 9 inches longer than the Casper. At around 150 inches total, the Inster is still very tiny and still about 19 inches shorter than a Nissan Kicks. Or about the size of a 2 door Mini Cooper. This isn’t for long travels…

There is no official pricing yet for the Hyundai Inster, but it is already expected to undercut the Citroen eC3, which starts at about $25,000 in Europe. However, the eC3 is larger and roomier than the new tiny Hyundai.

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