Volvo EV wagon.

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Volvo EV wagon illustration.

With the recent demise of the Volvo S60 sedan, I can’t help but wonder what will happen to the V60 wagon.

It is currently offered in the US as the PHEV V60 Recharge starting at a crazy $71,000. Or the V60 Cross Country starting at a much more reasonable $50,000. We already know a mid-sized EX60 EV SUV is coming pretty soon. Of course, priced right in between the $35,000 EX30 and the $77,000 much larger EX90.

Still, it seems Volvo should always offer a wagon. Volvo without a wagon would be like Disney Studios without animation or even worse, VW without a Beetle (oops…)

With a new EX60 probably starting at around $60,000, it’s not hard to imagine a new EV wagon for a bit over $50,000. Why not…

The Volvo EX90 is being produced in the US and qualifies for the $7500 federal incentives. While the Chinese built (or European) will not. I saw both of these in person and all I can say is they are both very impressive. The interior of the EX90 is extremely luxurious and an amazing place to be. It’s also not that much more than a loaded Kia EV9. Although a little bit more than the Rivian R1S. Which is actually a tough place to be. I personally think it’s about $5000 to $10,000 overpriced. As the Rivian is a pretty compelling package with a fantastic interior as well.

A more affordable Volvo EV wagon could appeal to quite a few people. it seems EVs like the Tesla Model 3 have revived the sedan body style in the electric area, maybe it’s time to do the same for wagons.

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