2026 VW Atlas.

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I just posted illustrations of the redesigned 2026 VW Atlas a couple of days ago and new ones already surfaced.

These seem a bit closer to the most recent spy shots. Although VW has done such a good job at hiding the actual front and rear ends of the future SUV, it’s really hard to tell what the final product will look like.

While the current Atlas already looked old when it came out, the next generation doesn’t seem much worse than the Toyota Grand Highlander or the 2024 Buick Enclave. This isn’t saying much since these look pretty deplorable for 2024…

This will keep VW in the big SUV game in the US. Since everything else is in flux or so it seems. The ID.7 sedan seems to have been canceled for the US. And it looks like the VW ID. Buzz has been pushed back until next year.

There is also a larger ID 3-row SUV model in the world for the North American market, but who knows when that will happen, if ever.

Meanwhile, the good old Atlas will get a more modern design and will carry the big VW SUV torch in the US one more time, for a few more years. Probably using the same platform and powertrains as the current one. Although VW had mentioned an interest in bringing some Hybrid or PHEV models to the US a few months ago. Considering their past schedules, this could take forever…

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