Toyota Camry Coupe.

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Toyota Camry coupe illustration.

No, there will not be a 2 door coupe version of the 2025 Toyota Camry. And yet, the illustration above shows what such an automotive concoction could look like.

The Toyota Camry coupe only lived for one generation. It was part of the generation introduced in 1991. The coupe was produced in 1996 and was later replaced by the Toyota Solara, which had its own design. The 1991/96 Camry coupe was basically a straight 2-door version of the Toyota Camry. And it really looked like a 2 door sedan instead of a proper coupe. However, after all these years, it does have some 1990s charm.

These days, the Camry sedan has a much sleeker design than the old 1991 model and even a straight-door version of that car with just a few changes could look pretty interesting. However, I personally think a Camry coupe should be a hatchback to add versatility to a dying breed. But like the 2025 Dodeg Charger.

No more coupe and no more wagon. It seems the Camry will soldier on forever as a sedan. One that will become an EV in a few years.

These 2 original ads for the Toyota Camry coupe show how Toyota was trying very hard to sell the 2 door version as a much sexier car than the sedan. Something it wasn’t at all.

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  1. I honestly didn’t know a Camry Coupe existed until 1996. I was child, but knew current cars of the time. I didn’t see it until there was a commercial showing off the refresh of that generation, so it was a shock to me as I only knew about the Sedan and huge wagon.

  2. That illustration is spot on! IMHO Toyota made a huge mistake abandoning the Camry coupe and wagon. People clamor for used ones *today.* Not everyone wants an SUV. I’d buy a Camry coupe tomorrow if it was available. I’m looking at the sedan right now. I’d buy it faster still if it were a wagon with AWD and could, and would, easily be a better vehicle than the Subaru. There are, and will be more, younger and middle aged people with no children who would buy the coupe – and younger families that would buy the wagon if it was around 40k. Are you listening, Toyota? (same with Honda – when they dropped the coupes and wagons!)

  3. Umm did you guys forget the Camry Solara? Went on until 2008 for two gens. Didn’t look like the Camry but was based on it and named after it.

  4. I own a Solara it’s a 05 and has like 260,000. Still runs exceptionally well. Best car I’ve ever had so far.

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