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  • New Renault 5 EV.

    Just more official photos of the all-new Renault 5 EV. It is great to see another retro EV, like the Mini Cooper or the new Fiat 500e. VW is really missing the boat 9again) by not even planning a cute EV version of the Beetle. The new R5 looks really nice and is a wonderful… Continue reading New Renault 5 EV.

  • Infiniti QX80.

    Infiniti just released teasers for their all-new QX80 giant SUV. There will be no surprises since we’ve seen “Mister Obvious” before as the QX Monograph Concept we saw last year (bottom pic). The only thing we haven’t seen is its interior, which could, or not, be interesting. Even though it will look exactly like we… Continue reading Infiniti QX80.

  • 2026 Afeela Sedan.

    I recently got invited to discover the new Afeela EV sedan in person. The car I saw was of course a prototype since the production model is expected in the spring of 2026, although pre-orders will be open next year. Afeela is a new company from Honda and Sony. Although the car will not be… Continue reading 2026 Afeela Sedan.

  • New Ford SUV.

    Ford is apparently working on a new subcompact SUV that could be replacing the Ecosport in some markets. The Ecosport was not a big hit in the US and a new generation is probably not coming over here. Although who knows? The new model will be mostly targeted for the Indian market and will compete… Continue reading New Ford SUV.

  • VW ID.7 S.

    We’ve seen this new VW ID.7 S before, and those are just a couple of newer photos. The ID.7 S is of course related to the “regular” ID.7 sedan we will soon be getting over here, but it is exclusively sold in China. In my humble but correct opinion, it is shocking how much better… Continue reading VW ID.7 S.

  • Tesla Model 3 Plaid.

    “Plaid”, “Performance” or whatever it will be called, a faster and sportier Tesla Model 3 is just around the corner. The cars above were spotted in Spain and they are totally uncovered and ready to go. The new version will be the missing part of the Model 3 Highland that came out a few months… Continue reading Tesla Model 3 Plaid.

  • VW ID.7 Tourer video.

    Why don’t you all join me and discover the all-new VW ID.7 Tourer in this less-than-fascinating video. The Tourer is the wagon version of the ID.7 EV sedan. While the ID.7 will soon be available in the US, the station wagon (and that’s what it is, a station wagon…) will not make it over here.… Continue reading VW ID.7 Tourer video.

  • New Renault 5!

    It looks like the all-new Renault 5 made a fantastic transition from Concept car (2nd pic) to production after 3 years. The concept looked great and so does the production version. The new Renault 5 is an EV and will get a 52 kWh battery good for about 250 miles in the European test cycle,… Continue reading New Renault 5!

  • 2026 Kia Seltos

    The Kia Seltos was introduced in 2019, and we will probably see a second generation next year. At a starting price of $ 24,500, it seems it is a crowded space for Kia, with the Soul starting at $ 21,600, and the Niro starting at $27,000. Maybe that’s why the Seltos isn’t such a huge… Continue reading 2026 Kia Seltos

  • Buick Electra E5.

    The Buick Electra E5 was the first Ultium-based Buick EV when it was introduced last year in China. It is a few inches longer than the great-looking Electra E4 we just talked about. But also roomier and more expensive. Recently, GM introduced a cheaper model to better compete in the extremely competitive Chinese EV market.,… Continue reading Buick Electra E5.

  • 2025 Toyota Camry.

    We have seen the Chinese version of the new 2025 Toyota Camry before. It is pretty much the same car as the new Camry sold in the US. But the interior is different, with a redesigned dashboard for the local market. There’s even a 3rd Camry model for the European market. Although it is very… Continue reading 2025 Toyota Camry.

  • 2025 VW Tiguan.

    As expected, the redesigned Chinese VW Tayron will look exactly like a longer version of the European new 2024 VW Tiguan. The Tiguan sold in the US was the longer “AllSpace” version of the European version. Now it looks like all 7-seater models will have the same design. In China, Europe and North America. VW… Continue reading 2025 VW Tiguan.

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