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  • RWD Mazda 6

    It seems every once in a while, there is a rumor about a new generation Mazda 6 sedan coming up. It was especially true last year when we knew Mazda was working on a new RWD platform. Which has since been used for the Mazda CX-60 and CX-90. (With a CX-70 and CX-80 coming up).… Continue reading RWD Mazda 6

  • Lotus Emeya in the wild.

    From every angle, the new Lotus Emeya sedan looks pretty stunning and impressive. You would think a high-end EV sedan would be pretty rare, but the new Lotus will be competing with the Tesla Model S, Porsche Taycan, and the Audi e-tron GT. A Polestar 5 is coming in a few months and later, a… Continue reading Lotus Emeya in the wild.

  • Kia EV9 US pricing

    Kia has finally announced the official pricing for the Kia EV9 EV in the US. Sort of… The only news is the starting price of $ 54,900 for the base “Light RWD” model, and that’s it. The pricing for the other versions, Light Long Range, Wind, Land, and GT line will be announced later. The… Continue reading Kia EV9 US pricing

  • 2025 Genesis GV80

    Genesis has refreshed the GV80 SUV and added a sleeker Genesis GV80 “Coupe” version for the new year. As you can see in the top photos, the front end is barely different. The grille seems just a tiny bit smaller and less obnoxious. But I think it’s still pretty bad and old fashion. Most of… Continue reading 2025 Genesis GV80

  • MG Cyberster in the wild.

    I think the new MG Cyberster EV looks pretty good in the wild. Sure, the rear end is quite busy, and the scissor doors are cheezy. But at least they are trying something. Something that feels more like a true MG than the series of anonymous SUVs they’ve been turning out in the past few… Continue reading MG Cyberster in the wild.

  • Chinese Ford Explorer

    Ford revised the Explorer inside and out for the Chinese market a few months ago. But I had never seen this ultra-luxury version before. There’s a new 2 tone exterior with gold trim (!). The interior even has these cheezy headrest pillows we usually see in high-end Mercedes models like the S-Class and EQS. The… Continue reading Chinese Ford Explorer

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