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  • Alpine Sedan.

    As previously mentioned, the French sports car brand Alpine is coming to the US. It is scheduled for 2027, with a whole lineup of all-new EVs. The first new EV model coming out will be the small Alpine A290, which is a sporty version of the new Renault 5. And that model is not coming… Continue reading Alpine Sedan.

  • Mini Aceman Video.

    The new Aceman is Mini’s latest model. An all-new 4-door hatchback smaller than the Countryman. Although it is actually about the size of the first-generation Countryman. The Aceman is an EV-only model. The larger battery available is good for 250 miles of range in Europe. Which would probably be closer to 200 miles EPA in… Continue reading Mini Aceman Video.

  • Future Cadillac Escalade.

    The current generation Cadillac Escalade came out in 2020. It is about to get some important revisions for the 2025 model year, with a redesigned front and a new interior. The current excellent interior will be replaced by one that looks very similar to the one in the new Cadillac Escalade IQ EV. Which is… Continue reading Future Cadillac Escalade.

  • 2025 VW Jetta.

    From these photos, it looks like the VW Jetta is getting another refresh for the new year. The current 7 generation came out in 2018, and it received a ghastly “facelift” for 2022. Which included an unholy amount of crappy-looking black plastic. The revised front end pictured above seems to be a step in the… Continue reading 2025 VW Jetta.

  • Buick Envision Plus.

    As its name indicates, the Buick Envision “Plus” is a longer version of the Envision. It is offered with either 5 or 7 seats and is still much smaller than the new Buick Enclave. The Envison Plus has been offered in China since 2021. Just like the regular Buick Envision, the larger Plus model is… Continue reading Buick Envision Plus.

  • Cadillac CT4 and CT6 EV.

    While the good old CT5 sedan was the best-selling Cadillac globally last year, the Escalade was still much more popular in the US. Cadillac is currently hard at work on 2 all-new EV sedans based on an updated version of the Ultium platform. But none of these would be a direct replacement for the popular… Continue reading Cadillac CT4 and CT6 EV.

  • Tesla CyberCab.

    The first two photos above show the early development of the upcoming RoboTaxi from Tesla. The bottom image is a more recent illustration, showing what it might look like. After rumors of Tesla canceling their future compact model, crazy Elon Musk announced we would see their next all-new model very soon. On August 8th. And… Continue reading Tesla CyberCab.

  • Kia EV3.

    After many, many, many spy shots over the last few months, we finally get to see the production version of last year-s Kia EV3 concept. And so far, it doesn’t disappoint. It looks very very close to the concept. And still like a smaller, much smaller, EV9. I personally think it also looks much more… Continue reading Kia EV3.

  • Peugeot 2008 Test Drive.

    I was in Europe for a few days and got the chance to spend a few days driving the compact Peugeot 2008 Crossover. The current and 2nd generation Peugeot 2008 came out in 2019. It was revised with a mid-cycle “facelift” last year with, mainly a new face. While it doesn’t seem that small in… Continue reading Peugeot 2008 Test Drive.

  • BMW Skytop Concept.

    Well, that’s a nice-looking BMW. In a world filled with ghastly BMW designs, this is quite refreshing. The concept could apparently be based on the BMW 8 series. Meaning it could be a preview of a new generation BMW 8 series coupe and convertible. Although at first it also looks a lot like a future… Continue reading BMW Skytop Concept.

  • 2025 Honda Civic.

    Honda just released photos of the revised 2025 Civic, and of course, it’s really hard to see what’s new or improved. At least visually. The Civic‘s new front end is the most obvious change. It is a strange and lazy attempt to make the car look a little bit less boring than it was, but… Continue reading 2025 Honda Civic.

  • Honda Civic.

    Yes, it is quite early to try and guess what the next-generation Honda Civic will look like, and yet, here we are… It will probably be 2027 before we get to see the real thing, although we might be getting a preview with a “concept’ in 2026. Something Honda has been doing for years now.… Continue reading Honda Civic.

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