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  • 2026 Toyota Corolla.

    There is a new generation Toyota Corolla coming in 2026. This next-generation Toyota Corolla is already rumored to come standard with a new Hybrid powertrain that would include Toyota’s all-new more efficient 1.5 Liter engine. A PHEV trim will join the options list in a few markets. The goal for the new PHEV would be… Continue reading 2026 Toyota Corolla.

  • Cadillac Sollei Concept.

    While I applaud a new Cadillac Convertible concept, the new Sollei concept is quite a disappointment. I have been posting illustrations of what a new Cadillac Convertible could look like for a while. As possible Eldorado or even Coupe de Ville revivals. But what we have here is a 2 door convertible version of the… Continue reading Cadillac Sollei Concept.

  • Future Chrysler New Yorker.

    We already know Chrysler is working on an all-new sedan based on the STLA platform from Stellantis. They have of course shown us the gorgeous Halcyon concept a few months ago. However, unlike previous STLA concepts like the Dodge Charger, Jeep Recon, and Wagonner S, the Chrysler concept doesn’t seem like a close preview of… Continue reading Future Chrysler New Yorker.

  • 2025 Infiniti QX60.

    Infiniti just unveiled the 2025 version of their QX60 SUV. Which is no big news in itself. The main change seems to be the addition of a new “Black edition” package. It seems everyone has one of these these days. They usually include black wheels and chrome delete all around. And of course a black… Continue reading 2025 Infiniti QX60.

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