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  • New Volvo EX60.

    It’s no surprise a new Volvo EX60 EV will be replacing the aging XC60 SUV as soon as next year. Or at least be offered alongside the ICE model for a while. The EX60 is supposed to be based on a new platform using mega casting, which will be a first for Volvo. Something Toyota… Continue reading New Volvo EX60.

  • 2025 Honda Freed.

    Honda has just redesigned the small Freed SUV/Van, and to me, it looks more and more like a new Honda Element, than ever. Especially the Crosstar trim, with its body cladding and more off-road look. As you can see, the Freed is a Hybrid, which would be another plus for a new-generation Element in the… Continue reading 2025 Honda Freed.

  • Chevrolet Malibu dies.

    Another one bites the dust… Despite recent rumors about a new generation based on the Chevrolet Trax/Buick Envista platform, GM just announced that Malibu production will end in November 2024. This means the planned late May switch to the 2025 model year is probably not happening. The Kansas plant where the Malibu is being built… Continue reading Chevrolet Malibu dies.

  • VW Magotan.

    It seems VW has become a vast sea of look-alike sedans and SUVs. An empty land where bland car designs reign over a sleepy populace. Unlike what most people would think, the Magotan is not a villain from an old Godzilla movie, but a VW sedan sold in China. The new generation pictured above looks… Continue reading VW Magotan.

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