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  • R.I.P Volvo S60 sedan.

    Another sedan kicks the bucket… According to Volvo, production of the Volvo S60 sedan will stop at the end of this month. This will, of course, make more room at the Volvo South Carolina plant to produce their all-new SUV, the electric EX90. I guess as sedans go, it’s no big loss since these days… Continue reading R.I.P Volvo S60 sedan.

  • 2025 BMW X3.

    The top image is probably the worst-quality spy shot ever published. But that’s all we got about the new BMW X3 for today. The second and much better photo was published a few days ago, and it shows a different front-end design. Apparently, the newer photo with the white X3 shows the “M Line” version.… Continue reading 2025 BMW X3.

  • Future Tesla Model S.

    This is another guess at what a second-generation Tesla Model S could look like. Tesla has recently shown photos of 3 covered cars among their current lineup. Which are probably the CyberCab, the Roadster, and some kind of a van. Or maybe that small compact model is back on track? However, there seems to be… Continue reading Future Tesla Model S.

  • Cadillac Eldorado video.

    This is a short compilation of various illustrations attempting to guess what a new Cadillac Eldorado for the Ultium age could look like. The “big Cadillac” is now a truck, and I think it’s a shame. A true large 2-door Cadillac luxury coupe would be a great “halo car’ for the historical brand. Of course,… Continue reading Cadillac Eldorado video.

  • Alpine A290.

    The new Alpine A290 is the Renault 5’s evil brother. Renault is hard at work revitalizing the sporty Alpine brand with many future models. The first one is a sportier version of the cool new Renault 5 EV. The exterior has been modified but doesn’t look as clean as the concept they had shown last… Continue reading Alpine A290.

  • 2025 Honda Civic Pricing.

    Honda released the 2025 model year Civic a little while ago and we now have official pricing info for the sedan (The hatchback is coming out later). As you can see, the new lineup includes 2 new Hybrid models, which is now 50% of the Civic lineup. Something Honda is already doing with the Accord… Continue reading 2025 Honda Civic Pricing.

  • New Mitsubishi Van.

    Mitsubishi is planning to sell an all-new van model in the US in the next few years. The grainy and blurry illustration above shows what this new van could look like. Obviously based on the recent D:X concept above. Mitsubishi has already described the new model as “the roomy cabin space of an MPV, the… Continue reading New Mitsubishi Van.

  • Hyundai Inster.

    The all-new Hyundai Inster EV is an electric version of the cure little Hyundai Casper. Why not a “Casper EV”, or “Ioniq 1”? Why does its name sound like a benign medical procedure? Who knows… The answer to this question will probably be a company secret kept deep into Hyundai’s vaults. With a length of… Continue reading Hyundai Inster.

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