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  • 2024 Mercedes CLE

    The new Mercedes CLE will replace both the C-Class and E-Class coupes. As you know, the current generation A-class and E-class do not offer coupe or convertible versions anymore. (Although I think the previous generation E-Class coupe and convertible are still available). This means this new CLE model will slot in between the C and… Continue reading 2024 Mercedes CLE

  • Volvo EX30

    It seems there is only good news about the new Volvo EX30 EV. First, I think it looks great. A perfect design for a modern Volvo that also manages to be original. The whole thing looks clean, modern, and attractive. It makes other small EVs like the Hyundai Kona look like such a mess… The… Continue reading Volvo EX30

  • 2025 Toyota bZ5X

    These are patent designs for Toyota’s next EV based on the e-TNGA platform. So far it’s only referred to as “bZ LArge SUV“, but “bZ5X” does make sense for something larger than the bZ4X, doesn’t it… This is probably the same model we just heard about last week as Toyota’s first US-made EV. Toyota announced… Continue reading 2025 Toyota bZ5X

  • 2024 Lexus TX.

    Lexus has just released a new teaser for the 2024 Lexus TX SUV. The new TX is based on the 2024 Toyota Grand Highlander. (bottom pic). That means it will probably be the same size and use similar powertrains. Although being more upscale, I would think the base model would come with the 2.5 Liter… Continue reading 2024 Lexus TX.

  • 2024 Ram Rampage.

    These early teasers give us an early look at the all-new RAM Rampage compact pickup truck. The new Rampage will be mostly sold in South America, especially Brazil. At 197 inches long it’s not that compact. But still about 3 inches shorter than the Ford Maverick. This means it could very well fit in our… Continue reading 2024 Ram Rampage.

  • 2024 Lexus LBX

    As predicted, the new Lexus LBX is heavily based on the Toyota Yaris Cross and has its own design and interior. It ends up looking pretty cute and less convoluted than our Lexus UX. The new LBX is pretty tiny and better suited for Europe and Japan. It is about 12 inches shorter than the… Continue reading 2024 Lexus LBX

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