• Renault SUV

    Renault will finally have their own SUV next year.And from other pictures I’ve seen, this illustration is very close to the final design. Nothing crazy here. By Renault’s own design standards, it is actually pretty conservative. Not sure yet what it is based on. I would think the next generation Laguna sedan, shared with Nissan.But… Continue reading Renault SUV

  • Mitsubishi Concept Sportback

    Another car with a “mouthfull of a name”.But it does look great! It will be above the Colt in Europe, and a version of it will replace the Lancer in the US. Which means it might be sharing its platform with the Dodge Caliber.Let’s hope they bring this hatchback version over here. It doesn’t look… Continue reading Mitsubishi Concept Sportback

  • New Honda Jazz/Fit

    This is just an illustration from Japan.But it looks pretty good to me. We are suposed to get the new model in the US. As a “cheaper than Civic” Honda.Let’s hope they send us the hatchback. To better compete with the Scion line.And not a dorky “trunk added” version to go against the cheaper Korean… Continue reading New Honda Jazz/Fit

  • 2006 Toyota Sienna

    The Sienna minivan gets a new front end for the 2006 model year. (top photo) It’s not going to make it exiting. But I guess that’s not what most US minivan buyers want.Now it looks even more generic than before..Nothing yet about engines, but the Avalon 3.5 V6 is a strong possibility. At least as… Continue reading 2006 Toyota Sienna

  • More 2006 Civic

    Just another shot (not mine this time) showing the very nice flowing profile of the car.I think it looks much better than what the zoom distorted spy photos were showing us a few weeks ago.

  • 2006 Honda Civic

    These are exclusive “Burlapp” pictures of the all new Honda Civic. All I can tell you is that I have to take back everything I’ve said about this car in the past few weeks.It looks fantastic!The top car is an EX sedan. With a 140hp 1,8 Liter engine.It looks much larger in person than the… Continue reading 2006 Honda Civic

  • 2006 Audi Q7

    Nothing all new here. The Q7 has been “out” for a few weeks. Although it won’t be on sale until 2006.It is just another very nice, but boring looking tall wagon. It just looks like a weird A6 wagon to me.What is the point, really. They didn’t even try to make it remotely interesting.Why do… Continue reading 2006 Audi Q7

  • 2006 US Civic detail

    Just a quick picture of the undesguised Civic EX for 2006.The rear lights look just like the new Audi A4. It doesn’t look great on the A4, and it doesn’t look better on the Civic. At least the Civic is almsot half the price…

  • 2006 US Civic Interior.

    Not as crazy looking as the European model, but still very nice and futuristic. Thank God they didn’t make it as boring as the exterior. This looks to be the EX model with the newly available navigation system. So the best looking one of the bunch should be the EX coupe.( without with the ugly… Continue reading 2006 US Civic Interior.

  • 2006 New Beetle

    These are from the European version.Europeans won’t get the 2.5 Liter engine. That’s for the US market.And they don’t get the redesigned console with new cupholder…Why produce 2 version of that??!! But they do get the new green on the convertible, and an unexpected chrome detail around the coupe’s windows.I don’t think the US versions… Continue reading 2006 New Beetle

  • Chevrolet Vectra

    This one is jut for the Brazilian market. But it might also end up in other south American countries.It is actually a sedan version of the Opel Astra. But for once, that “trunk added” version looks pretty nice.And it would make a decent replacement for the Saturn Ion. It looks like a smaller Aura already.… Continue reading Chevrolet Vectra

  • 2006 Honda Civic

    Even though this is really the sedan version sold in some Asian countries, it has the same design as the US Civic.As you can see, it doesn’t keep much from the futuristic European model…Engines will be 140hp and 200 for the Si. And the Hybrid also gets a new system with more power and even… Continue reading 2006 Honda Civic

  • Citroen C Sportlounge Concept

    Don’t know much about this one. But it looks fantastic!!!Imagine that in the streets.Unfortunatly, even Citroen isn’t that gutsy.So chances are this will only be a concept.

  • VW Golf R32

    What can I say. 250 HP from a V6 into a compact car.Just like the previous model, this should be an instant hit with people who want to go really, really fast.A big competition for Mitsubishi and Subaru, at least in the US.It’s not for me, but I think it looks great. And you can… Continue reading VW Golf R32