• “Small” Rolls Royce

    They have made it official, there will be a smaller model for Rolls Royce.This is the 1st illustration I’ve seen of it.Just like every luxury car maker out there, they are moving down market. In this case, they are going against the $160 000 Bentley GT. No news on what it will be based, but… Continue reading “Small” Rolls Royce

  • 2006 Opel Frontera

    It’s about time for Opel to replace the old Frontera, an Isuzu based SUV… This spy shot is clearly the next Frontera, based on the Chevrolet/Daewoo small SUV concept shown last year. But it seems that only the front lights and grill are different from the Chevy. Both cars are supposed to be sold in… Continue reading 2006 Opel Frontera

  • 2006 US Honda Civic

    As I said after seeing the car in person, it looks much better than in the crappy spy shots.Much, much more substential and expensive looking than the previous model.And that interior is my favorite of almost any car. Finally something designed for the 21st century! Here are pictures of the Hybrid, now more powerful and… Continue reading 2006 US Honda Civic

  • Ford Iosis

    In a few days, Ford will unveil the Iosis concept in Germany. It is supposed to show us their design direction for the next Mondeo. But this will need lots of changes to be produced as a mid sized 4 door family car…The lower cut of the rear door won’t work. And of course, it’ll… Continue reading Ford Iosis

  • 2006 Toyota RAV4

    It doesn’t look as good as it did on the previous picture I posted a couple of days ago. Wide angle lens do miracles for boring designs.And the interior seems as plasticky as the current one.Looks like “all new” doesn’t mean “much better”…

  • 2006 Cadillac BLS

    This is the production version of the “small” European Cadillac. It looks just like the one shown a few months ago as a concept.Even though every mechanical part comes from Saab, the car does look like a mini CTS. And that interior looks better than the $50000 STS!Too bad for the stupid exchange rate between… Continue reading 2006 Cadillac BLS

  • Peugeot 20 Cup

    Nothing special about this concept. Car makers, every few years, show us what they can do with the idea of a 3 wheel car. Something they’ll never actually build…But this is said to have the upcoming 207 Front end. So be warned…

  • 2006 Saab 9.5

    After so many years, Saab is finally taking care of the 9.5…Well.. Kind of.All they did is redesign the front end and the rear lights. At least, that’s what we can see from this photo, and the previous “spy shots” published over the past few weeks.You know that’s not going to be enough to compete… Continue reading 2006 Saab 9.5

  • 2006 Alfa Romeo Spyder

    Based on the recently released Brera, the all new Spyder is another stuning looking car from Alfa.Let’s just hope, again, they can get their act together and make a come back to the US…

  • 2006 Toyota RAV4

    At first, this looked a bit fake to me. But it is not.This was just published in Japan as the 1st official photo of the all new RAV4.A V6 should be a new option, at least in the US. And it doesn’t look like a 3rd row seat can make it this time.You can also… Continue reading 2006 Toyota RAV4

  • 2006 US Accord

    Just a couple more official pics of the revised Accord rear end.Just when I was getting used to the previous one. Nothing was very wrong with it really. Maybe the lights. I think this is a bit too little too late. And even more boring than before, and not well integrated to the rest of… Continue reading 2006 US Accord

  • New Jaguar XK

    Nothing you haven’t seen here before. But here are the official pics.The interior seems plush, but in some weird unoriginal way. Should I say, “kind of like an expensive Korean car”??? Sorry about the slow updates. I have been on the road for a couple of days.One thing I noticed is how many cars GM… Continue reading New Jaguar XK

  • Alfa Romeo 8C Cabrio

    No firm production plans yet for this concept. A convertible version of the coupe shown last year.But if Alfa ever returns to the US, that would make a great flagship for the brand.

  • New Honda SUV?

    That is actually the second time I hear about this.A third SUV from Honda, between the CRV and the Pilot. The Pilot is too big for Japan and Europe anyway.And it makes sense for Honda to extend the line up, at least for these markets.So a Euro Accord/TSX based SUV could very well be in… Continue reading New Honda SUV?