• Nissan Sentra test Drive

    The current Sentra has been around for about 3 years now. So this year, Nissan gave it a fresh face. And a few small changes. So it’s basically the same car. It still looks OK. Like a small Altima. I have to say, that design does work better on the larger sedan. The Sentra looks… Continue reading Nissan Sentra test Drive

  • 2018 BMW 6 series???

    BMW has mentioned their next 6 series would be “sportier” than the current model. Not sure what that really means. Since BMW coupes have been more about luxury these past years. And it seems their M versions are sporty enough. There are also rumors of a Porsche 911 fighter. But that rumors has been around… Continue reading 2018 BMW 6 series???

  • 2017 Renault Clio

    That is one lazy facelift if I ever saw one. really. (The 2017 model is the one on top.) I mean why even bother. On the other hand, at least they didn’t ruin. The Clio is a very nice and modern looking car. (Compare this to the “all new” Ford Ka+ I posted a few… Continue reading 2017 Renault Clio

  • 2018 Jaguar J-Pace

    Looks like the all new F-Pace will be getting a big brother soon. (As well as another smaller one) This illustration from Car Magazine shows us what a larger, top of the line, Jaguar SUV could look like. And of course, it looks just like a larger F-Pace. I guess the SUV market is so… Continue reading 2018 Jaguar J-Pace

  • All new Ford Ka+

     This is both baffling and sad. Sad, because Ford has been coming out with one good design after another for years. Especially sad, because the first generation Ka was such a cool and different car. This is not only plain ugly, it also looks really cheap and already old. It does have a strange 3rd… Continue reading All new Ford Ka+

  • Audi A5: 2008 Vs.2017

    Yes, I know it’s hard to believe, but these two cars are nine years apart. (The top one is the all new 2017 model.) The 2017 one is based on a new platform, so proportions are of course a bit different. And, sure, the design isn’t 100% the same either. Still. This feels and looks… Continue reading Audi A5: 2008 Vs.2017