• 2018 BMW 3 series???

    So I was driving along with a friend, in the desert. Test driving the Buick Cascada I have for the week. When this came along. A BMW prototype. It was right in front of a Camry for a while and it was smaller than the Toyota. But as you can see on these pictures, it… Continue reading 2018 BMW 3 series???

  • 2017 Porsche Panamera

    This looks great. I posted a couple of pictures of it a few days ago. These are the official ones. And we get to see the interior too. Which seems to be the perfect blend of “typical Porsche” and futuristic. A true Porsche design for the 21st Century, really. This pretty much fixes everything that… Continue reading 2017 Porsche Panamera

  • New Citroen C3

    I am really glad to see Citroen coming up with modern and quirky designs. At least for Europe. And not just the super sad and boring stuff they offer in China. The new C3 is obviously inspired by the Cactus design.  And that’s great! Of course this isn’t for the US. Although…. PSA did announce… Continue reading New Citroen C3

  • 2017 Toyota C-HR

    We have seen the production model before. But these are all new pictures. Also showing the interior for the first time. The all new C-HR will be competing in a growing segment in the US. Which includes the Mazda CX-3, Honda HR-V, Buick Encore, Chevrolet Trax etc… But I think it competes ever more with… Continue reading 2017 Toyota C-HR

  • 2017 Honda Freed

    Just another picture of that all new Freed “super mini” Minivan. Again, based on the Fit, and not for US. Although I do think this would make a perfect little EV for the US… Why not…

  • 2017 Honda Gienia

     This is yet another small Honda based on the Fit. This time it looks like a 4 door coupe version of the regular Fit. More or less… The car pictured above isn’t look that great. With its lack of trim around the windows and small wheels. It is based on the Concept B we saw… Continue reading 2017 Honda Gienia

  • 2017 Honda Freed

    Just like the HR-V, the tiny Freed Minivan is actually based on the current Honda Fit. But unlike the HR-V, this won’t be coming over here. (Not sure if this new version will make it into Europe yet) It looks OK. You can tell it’s related to the Fit. I guess the Mazda CX-5 proved… Continue reading 2017 Honda Freed

  • 2017 Porsche Panamera

    This is it. I’m pretty sure. And it looks almost exactly like the spy brochure picture I posted a while ago (Except the wheels. This is a Turbo model) I think it looks great. Much better than the current, heavy and clumsy design. This is actually what it should have looked like in the first… Continue reading 2017 Porsche Panamera

  • Untitled Post

     As you can see, the next Elantra GT will be, again,  the same car as the European i30. Which will basically be a hatchback version of our current 2016 Elantra sedan. (with, maybe, a different dashboard) That also means it will be a bit more conservative than the current model. Which is a bit sad.… Continue reading Untitled Post