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Right after the unveiling of the striking new 2024 Chevrolet Blazer EV, GM shows us the side view of the smaller Equinox EV. (Probably the RS version, not the base $ 30 000 model.)
The design seems much more mainstream than the Blazer. Although based on the same platform. If they can deliver on the $30 000 base price, this will just be a little more expensive than the Bolt EUV.
With faster charging and probably a longer range available.
The interior sketch they released a few months ago shows a lot of similarities with the Blazer EV.
Screens, steering wheels, and some of the AC vents are all the same. Even most of the door panels. It seems the Equinox won’t really be a penalty box next to the Blazer. Just a smaller alternative.
With a shorter hood, it might be almost as roomy as well.
(Although the interior does look narrower.)
While the Blazer EV looks really good, it’s not cheap. At $45 000 to start, the base model is more expensive than the starting price of a Kia EV6, Hyundai Ioniq 5, VW ID.4, or Ford Mustang Mach E.
While seemingly not really offering more. (Unless the Blazer is that much larger?)
A $30 000 to around $45 000 smaller model like the Equinox will have much less competition.
And could probably be good enough for most people. This is a huge opportunity for GM to clean up. I haven’t heard of any other EV in that price range coming to the US within the next year. 
And by the way, the Blazer does give us a little bit of a preview of its upcoming Honda cousin, the less adventurous-looking Prologue. 
On another note, where are the new EVs from Ford???
The Mach-E was introduced back in November 2019. Nothing since.
Sure, the electric F-150 is a big deal, but not everyone wants a huge pick-up truck.
They showed a Lincoln EV concept. But nothing else. Not a spy shot, nothing…


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  1. How do the two vehicles compare in size?

    If they're roughly comparable, does that make the Equinox a downmarket version of the Blazer in different clothes?

  2. The blue model posted is said to be the lesser expensive version. So far the interior seems more cohesive compared to the overdone air vent design on the Blazer. They just seem to have too much design going on with the chrome and carbon fiber housing surrounding it.

    I can't wait to see more paint options and configurations on this model.

  3. Ford's other EVs will be Maverick and Ranger Lighting.
    The Sport Bronco and larger Bronco will most likely get lightning (EV line) variants in a few years.

  4. How can you say that Blazer looks good? It is completely overwrought, overdetailed and horribly malproportioned. They should have just called it Camaro EV and called it a day.

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