2024 Cadillac CT6.

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While we’ve seen a bit of the 2nd generation Cadillac CT6 before, these are the first official photos of the redesigned interior.

I think it looks fine, although the new 2024 Buick Lacrosse interior seems at least as luxurious. Cadillac went for a classy, understated yet very modern interior. I always liked the CT6 and was very lucky to test drive it a couple of times. The interior of the first generation was fine but not fantastic. This is really a step up and so much better than the vulgar, overdone crap we see in the new BMW 7 series interior.

The 7 series was obviously designed with the Chinese market in mind, and yet, this new CT6 will not be sold outside of China and has a pretty clean and classy interior…

The previous generation was such a great driving car. The new one is of course just a redesign on top of the previous model and that’s just fine. I just think the previous exterior design was actually better. Although that might change by the time we see actual official photos of the car.

Apparently, just like the new 2024 Buick Lacrosse, the 2024 CT6 will ditch the V6 and will only come with a 2.0 Liter Turbo. And of course, that amazing Blackwing V8 is not on the menu.

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  1. I find it dumb that the extent of the creativity for Buick’s new interior dual screen designs is “let’s take Caddy’s and turn it upside down.”

  2. Why is this vehicle only offered in China?? There is a market for it right here in the USA!!

  3. GM should sell this CT6 in the US not fair that it is only over in China. I own one an earlier model and love it.

  4. R.L.J. I have a 2016 CT-6 waiting for the 2024. If I can’t get the 2024 . GMC Can have it back. I’ll buy a Bentley.

  5. GM made a huge error. The CT6 belongs in the U.S. The problem with the previous design was the ancient looking interior, specifically the lack of open pore wood and the old style infotainment system. The car rode beautifully and was one if the finest I ever owned. GM, your management is still stuck in the 80’s when it comes to lack of nerve. Quit being so damned conservative and go bold. Especially on the interior.

  6. The 2024 Cadillac CT6 is exactly what GM needs to attract the sedan luxury segment. Perhaps they also need an aggressive Product Manager like the Hyundai Genesis has

  7. China and the US is not on good terms. I wanted one. Now I’m going somewhere else.

  8. I am on my third Ct6 now. 2017,and two 2021. The last had supercruise. I will not buy any with out supercruise. If they have a 2024 in the US I would buy one.

  9. Excellent looking car inside and out. Shame it won’t be offered to US car buyers

  10. GM couldn’t care less what U.S. consumers want. They’re only interested in kissing Chinese ass these days.

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