Future Toyota MR-2.

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It seems everyone is trying to imagine what Toyota will do next. They are still pushing hybrids more than ever, but they also have a constant flow of EV news as well. Meanwhile, many are hoping for the return of old classics like the Celica and even the MR-2.

Toyota produced 3 generations of the old MR-2 from 1984 to 2007. While the first 2 looked like small and affordable mid-engine Ferraris, the 3rd generation seems to have its eyes on the Mazda Miata and even became a convertible.

The illustration above seems to show a futuristic/retro version of the 1st generation. That would be really nice. But I’ve never heard of Toyota actually working on a new MR-2. Except for a a new EV based on the odd FT-se concept which, I guess, could be considered as a modern electric version of the MR2.

However, the car in the illustration above doesn’t seem like an EV. guess it would make sense if Toyota was working on a new Hybrid MR-2. There would be no competition for such a thing these days. Except maybe the upcoming 2025 Honda Prelude Hybrid.

Who knows…

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  1. This illustration brings back the “closed” pop-up headlight look without it being there which is pretty neat.

  2. Is a pop up headlight a possibility now that LEDs have really reduced the size of the light? I mean, could it be done with a smaller lift height? I see all kind of tall vertical grills and yet that doesn’t seem to be a no-no for designers & aerodynamics.

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