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Next-generation Nissan X-Terra illustration.

The Nissan Xterra was produced from 1999 to 2015 with 2 generations. Both were based on the Nissan Frontier pickup truck and were more off-road oriented than the similar-sized Nissan Pathfinder.

Today, both the Frontier and Pathfinder are much larger and more expensive than before. A rough off-road SUV based on the current Frontier would have to cost at least $ 35,000 to start. Which would be too close to the current Pathfinder starting at $ 36,000.

What Nissan needs is something smaller and cheaper, yet off-road worthy, like the Ford Bronco Sport. I mentioned the new Dacia Duster a few weeks ago, and that would potentially be a good idea as a new Nissan Xterra, or at least using the platform with a North American-specific design.

The “new Xterra” rumor seems to surface every year. Although Nissan has denied working on a new one. By the end of its run, the second-generation Xterra was not popular anymore, with just over 10,000 of them sold in 2015. However, compact off-road SUVs like the Bronco Sport are much more popular now. The Bronco Sport sold over 122,000 units last year and is on its way to even more in 2023.

Other car makers are designing their upcoming SUVs accordingly, giving them a more angular, off-road type design. Even mainstream models like the 2025 Chevrolet Equinox are getting a new “off-road look”.

By the time Nissan decides (or not) to build a new Xterra, it would probably be an EV anyway. They don’t have any hybrid models in the US and like everyone else, are spending money to speed up their EV transition. With a new Leaf and Maxima EV coming next year. With a sedan equivalent for Infiniti as well as a mid-sized EV luxury SUV.

Nissan Frontier Hardbody

The 2024 Nissan Frontier Hardbody package is maybe the closest thing we’ll ever see to a new Xterra. With is more off-road look and added retro touches. Although it is a $4000 option only available on the SV Crew Cab 4X4 model. Which means a starting price of over $ 42,000!

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