2025 Acura Compact SUV.

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2025 Acura Compact SUV illustration.
Acura CDX.

At the same time Honda was telling us about the new US version of the Civic Hybrid, Acura was announcing an all-new model for the US coming later this year. It will be a compact SUV based on the Integra platform and sold alongside the compact sedan. That probably means it will be around the same price, and slotted below the RDX.

Since 2016, Acura has been selling the small CDX crossover in China. There were rumors for years about it coming to North America, as it seemed like a no-brainer for our market. But that obviously never happened.

Now it seems Acura realized they do need something smaller, but especially cheaper than the RDX, which now starts at around $ 45,000, which leaves plenty of room slightly above the Integra.

The new model will probably be an Acura version of the Honda HR-V. Acura has done quite a good job making the Integra look quite different from the Civic, and the new SUV could be quite an improvement over the rather sad-looking HR-V.

The big question remains the powertrain. The Integra uses the Civic’s 1.5 Liter turbo, but the HR-V is only available with the basic 2.0 Liter engine. Something that will not do for an Acura.

My guess is the new model will be a hybrid-only compact SUV. It was announced at the same time as the Civic Hybrid, and I think the 1.5 Liter Turbo is slowly getting replaced. A hybrid would also really help Acura which doesn’t offer anything electrified right now. (Except of course the expensive ZDX EV). I also assume we can probably expect an Integra Hybrid in a year or two. And let’s not forget the upcoming Honda Prelude Hybrid also coming in a few months.

I nice looking upscale Hybrid Only compact crossover could end up being a big hit for Acura and a future best seller for the brand.

In other Acura news, the MDX and RDX will be getting some upgrades this year as well. This will be the second refresh for the RDX which will be 6 years old by the time the revised model comes out. Acura also mentioned the MDX will finally be getting a touch screen instead of the horrible trackpad they’ve been pushing for the past few years. While they do not mention the new touchscreen for the RDX, I guess that it could be part of an all-new interior. Something you’d expect after 6 years. While the only interior modification for the much newer MDX might be the touch screen.

This is all good news from a good brand.

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  1. Honda Japan and China both have the ZRV available as either e:HEV hybrid or the 1.5t engine. https://www.honda.co.jp/ZR-V/webcatalog/type/x/?from=car_header

    It would be nice if Acura changed their minds about hybrids, but I believe at this point they will continue to pursue ICE and BEVs independently without hybridization. The Acura compact SUV (likely called the ADX due to patent applications), will get the 1.5t and Honda HRV will keep the 2.0L and add the current Civic/ZRV 180 hp hybrid engine with RealTime AWD for the 2026 HRV. I also suspect that the reason that the RDX keeps getting mild refreshes instead of a redesign is that it is slated to be the first Honda/Acura designed e-platform BEV vehicle for Acura, to go up against the Lexus RZ.

  2. If Acura is truly going after the premium subcompact market, they are going to have to go after MB, BMW, and Audi directly. They can’t afford to just strap the 1.5T/CVT combo in this and expect to sell, look what happened at Infiniti with the QX30 even with MB underpinnings. The 2.0T at a detuned state with 10AT, has to be the starting point for this new model. I think they kept this combo from the Integra, because they planned on the CUV being their cash cow in the entry segment. Knowing that this will have a Type-S variant as well, they have had time to look at the features that have made the German Big 3 subcompacts almost impossible to beat.

  3. I totally disagree that Acura always intended to put the 2.0L turbo/10AT in this new CUV. They’re more likely just waking up to the fact that the smaller cars are selling well, their BEVs dream is not moving forward as quickly as they’d expected, and they need something smaller for CAFE and sales targets. They’re not going to get that 10-15% sales bump from existing products. That makes this a rushed move and therefore they’re not going to completely redevelop the HRV to handle the torque of the 2.0t/10AT. And it would be too expensive, if they’re targeting a starting price between $35 – 40K, or about $3k above the likely arriving 2926 highest priced HRV Touring trim with the detuned 2.0L-hybrid from the Civic.

  4. @Mos Left

    I’ve heard the same thing about this, that it won’t be a rehash of an existing model. I believe they are likely to take the global C platform as the basis, but everything else will be unique to Acura. The double wishbone front suspension and SHAWD are non negotiable for Acura’s handling. They will likely make SHAWD a standard feature since they got rid of FWD models for the RDX. Also, a Type S variant is definitely in the cards since they are holding off giving that treatment to the RDX (only getting a refresh). Acura also needs to finally have something that’s class leading and they could easily do this being the last to enter the subcompact segment. I believe the wheelbase will likely be 106″-107.5 to give it the interior space and to accommodate for the long hood look they want to achieve in their designs. 73.5W×180-182L×64H putting it on the larger end of the subcompact segment, but when still small enough to not step fully on the toes of the RDX (which will see an increase in size fir the redesign). I also expect the interior accommodations to mirror it’s bigger brothers and account for a starring price of about $35K.

  5. A Mos and Arch – the Civic, CRV, Accord, AND YES the NorthAmerican HRV are >ALL< on the global compact vehicle platform. The baby Acura most certainly will be based on the NA HRV (not the ROW HRV), which is CIVIC based just like the Integra. It wont be double wishbone front. But it will get the 1.5Lturbo with a CVT and most likely an Acura version of RealTime AWD, not SHAWD. This will be an exterior redesign with interior bits massaged and retuned components from the HRV/Integra parts bin. If we're lucky, they'll make a TypeS in a couple years.

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