2026 Dodge Durango EV.

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The next-generation Dodge Durango seems to be quite a popular subject on the internet. Although many of these illustrations seem quite lazy or just look like a refresh of the current generation.

In my opinion, none of these are realistic and were probably done before we saw the new Charger EV and Dodge’s new design direction. (Although we did see the Charger Concept over a year ago).

The real thing will be based on the large version of the new STLA EV platform from Stelantis. Just like the new 2025 Jeep Wagoneer S and the upcoming Alfa-Romeo Stelvio EV. Just like the new 2025 Charger, EV versions will probably have even more power than the current V8 models. And I guess an ICE version with the inline 6-cylinder Turbo might be available as well. At least for a while.

Which one of these would you pick? If any…

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  1. The first one would be a big mistake for Dodge. While its old styling was successful, it’s time for a change.

    The second and the fifth ones are probably closer to what we’ll get.

    The third one looks like a Chevy Blazer/Trax.

    The fourth one is nice, but way too overdone.

    On a private note, none of my comments have been approved since I pointed out spelling issues. I hope this isn’t the reason, but if it is, it’s unprofessional. I hope I’m wrong.

  2. The first looks like the current Durango.
    2nd pic looks like a Durango made from the current Jeep Grand Wagoneer
    3rd and 4th – I agree, Chevy and Ford influences (ie. Nope)
    Last pic – very modern front, which I like a lot. Dodge did a great job with the coming Charger. So I could see the front making it to an electrified Durango, but the sides don’t look likely.

  3. Long time Dodge owner. Presently own 3 Dodges. Not at all interested in socialist EV.

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