New Lexus Coupe.

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There is a new rumor around town about an all-new Lexus coupe model possibly coming out late next year.

2025 means it will be too early for something based on Toyota’s all-new EV platform, which is due in 2026. The new coupe would actually replace both the Lexus RC and Lexus LC. This is the same thing Mercedes did with the new CLE coupe that replaced both the C-Class and the E-Class coupes. The illustrations above show what the new 2 door Lexus could look like.

The new model will be a bit larger than the current RC, and of course not as expensive as the LC. Just like the new Lexus GX, the new car will not use a V8, but a 3.5 Liter V6. Which would probably be a hybrid since, you know, Lexus…

Lexus teased a few upcoming models with a series of Concepts a few years ago during Toyota’s massive EV presentation. The Lexus concepts included a photo of what most people thought was the next generation IS as an EV. The bottom photo shows wagon versions as well as a convertible. The new coupe is also rumored to offer a convertible version. The cars in the black and white photo were never shown otherwise and we never saw an actual concept. However, that could change if they were an actual preview of things to come next year.

There’s a similar rumor about BMW replacing both the 4 and 6 series coupe and convertible with one single model. Which would be just fine. At least it shows some manufacturers are not giving up on cool-looking coupes and convertibles. Even if they are quite expensive.

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  1. What BMW 6-series coupe and convertible? The 8-series replaced the 6-series years ago, and the 4-series basically already stepped up in size to fill that void.

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