Peugeot e5008.

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If you think the new Peugeot e5008 looks busy and kind of “messy”, just take a look at the previous model (red car). And you will realize the new version is actually quite cleaner. While the new interior could be described as borderline psychedelic, it also seems like an improvement of some sort.

The new e5008 is the EV version of the redesigned 5008, and seats 7. Peugeot claims it makes it unique in its segment in the European market. A PHEV model will also be available. This has been what Stelantis has been doing for a while by offering both EVs and PHEVs of their new models in Europe. The EV model is available with a range of up to 410 miles in the European test cycle. Which would mean around 330 miles EPA. While the Peugeot will not be coming to North America, it is interesting to see it is based on Stelantis’ all-new STLA medium platform.

In the US, we will mostly be seeing new models based on the STLA large platform like the new Dodge Charger, Jeep Wagoneer S, and Jeep Recon this year. But will will be seeing other models based on the same platform as the Peugeot e5008 over here as well. Probably from Alfa-Romeo, but also US brands like Dodge, Chrysler, and Jeep. The new 5008 is not that small. At over 188 inches long, it is almost as long as the new 2024 Hyundai Santa Fe. Something that size from any of Stelantis US brands would fit perfectly in our North American market.

Let’s just hope our STLA Medium-based US models look better than the Peugeot e5008…

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  1. I quite like the 5008, but this is a definite improvement both inside and out. (Although the 508 wagon is still the best-looking Peugeot by a long way!)

  2. The exterior design of the new gen version looks marginally better than before. I am not so sure about the interior (although the new interior design is definitely “unique”).

    I would love to see the 308 SW and 508 SW come over to the U.S. as part of a resurrected “Eagle” brand. The “Eagle” badge would fit quite nicely on the front where the “Peugeot” badge resides. “Eagle” was known as a sport utility wagon when it was under AMC and then Chrysler tried to repurpose the entire brand as an import alternative after it acquired AMC, so these two vehicles sort of fill both past phases of the “Eagle” name since they are both wagons and imports. If there was a way to raise the ride height and add AWD in addition to some cladding (although I like the way these wagons look as is), then Stellantis would have great looking Crosstrek and Outback competitors for the US market.×960/wallpaper_02.htm×960/wallpaper_01.htm's_Eagle_logo.png

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