2025 Nissan Qashqai.

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Look no further than the 2025 Nissan Qashqai to see what an unnecessary mid-cycle update looks like.

The new front end is smoother and much, much more generic than before. With a giant grille that now covers almost the whole front of the car. At least to me, it also looks more like a Hyundai product than a new Nissan design. While the current model (blue car) looks like a Nissan, the 2025 model now looks like anything from anyone. If the goal was to strip the 2025 Qashqai of any personality, it has been accomplished.

Nissan has also managed to make the interior feel much more boring than before. It actually looks a bit older than the current version and a bit cheaper. Again, that could have been the intention all along…

What’s going on???

The 2nd generation Qashqai was sold in the US as the Rogue Sport until 2022. Nissan never sold the current generation over here. However, the current Qashqai still shares quite a bit with our Nissan Rogue. And they both have a very similar interior. Let’s just get on our knees and pray to our local Gods that the 2025 Qashqai interior doesn’t end up in the 2025 Rogue. And let’s also include that ghastly front end in the process.

The current Rogue is just fine the way it is…

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  1. “Let’s just get on our knees and pray to our local Gods that the 2025 Qashqai interior doesn’t end up in the 2025 Rogue.” Um? The Rogue just got facelifted for 2024 and included an interior update with the larger screen, etc. The Qashqai followed with this facelift. The Rogue isn’t getting anything like this for 2025. Also, you seem to be ignoring that the interior is now covered in a bunch of suede-like material compared to the fake leather…but you think it’s cheaper? Mmmkay.

  2. The current Rogue will likely stay the same through the 2026 model year, maybe even 2027. I don’t believe the interior will be touched until a redesign and by that point Nissan will have a new interior design philosophy. The Rogue was just refreshed.

  3. I don’t agree with the notion that this is “unnecessary”. Hyundai and Kia have proven that constantly refreshing your models brings a lot more press coverage to your brand. It makes your product line look fresh and generates interest amongst the public. Even when the changes aren’t necessarily for the better, the general public typically sees “new” product as being better than 2 or 3+ year old product.

  4. I respectfully disagree. Nissan is fighting for its life in a battle that has many fronts (hybrids, EVs, better competition, Chinese prices…). This does make the vehicle look somewhat less pedestrian and updates are necessary to keep sales moving. Nissan really should return this to the US market. The Rogue is not selling well without a lot of cash on the hood.

  5. I’m not a suv fan but I can appreciate a well designed automobile! This new Qashqai is so much beautiful in the front end than the new facelifted Rogue.

  6. Well, I completely disagree here. I think the new one looks much better than the 2024 inside and out.

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