Cadillac Future compact EV sedan.

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Cadillac is actually working on 2 EV sedans based on the updated version of the Ultium platform. We have seen illustrations before, of what these sedans could look like. One is supposed to be the size of the current CT4 or CT5. While the larger one will be about the size of the CT6.

We have no words for other body styles being considered, but why not imagine them?

Just like they used to for decades, Cadillac could offer a 2 door coupe version of that future compact sedan. Something no one would probably buy, but why not?

They could also add a proper sports wagon to the mix. Another unpopular body style in the US.

This will probably never happen, and who knows if the 2 new sedans will even be sold in the US. Just like the new Buick Lacrosse or Cadillac CT6, these might be kept for the Chinese market, where the sedan body style is still popular. A sleek wagon could also have more of a chance over there, or in Europe.

However, there might never be a chance to see another 2 door Cadillac coupe. At least not for a long while…

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  1. Cadillac should sell a full line of cars to be a true luxury company.
    Its absurd China only gets the CT 6 !
    Beautiful car , with dumb name, not given enough time, or proper marketing.
    The designs are great , but in many would love to see a dramatic fin effect on Cadillacs again.

  2. I’m a cadillac fan. I wanted to purchase a CT6. You decided to only sell it in a country that doesn’t have good ties with the US. How dare you.

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