Cadillac future EV sedans.

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Cadillac compact EV sedan illustration.
Cadillac Large EV sedan illustration.

As mentioned earlier, GM is working on 2 new EV sedans for Cadillac.

They will both be based on a revised version of the Ultium platform. One will roughly be the size of the current CT4 or CT5. While the larger one will be about the size of the defunct CT6 (although still alive in China), and something much, much cheaper than the crazy Celestiq.

These 2 new models might not be available for another two years, but we could see concepts or some kind of a preview much sooner.

The first preview of these new sedans could be the Opulent Velocity Concept. GM just showed a very short teaser video where the concept is barely visible, as seen above. A sport sedan of some kind celebrating the 20th anniversary of the V Series.

It is described by Cadillac as “The future of zero-emission performance”. And ” Opulent Velocity is designed to foreshadow a zero emissions expression of performance and modern luxury leadership”. There you go…

They only add they will “share more later this year”. So we won’t have to wait until next year to get a small preview of what’s coming as a Cadillac EV that isn’t an SUV.

Which will be quite refreshing. There will be no more tears…

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  1. These two concepts look great, which means GM won’t do them or water them down so much that they’ll look dull. I used to be a big GM fan when I was a kid and young adult. But lately, they’ve come out with dull, poor quality vehicles. What happened to the GM of the 60’s?

  2. GM/Cadillac should slow down on the EV push
    There’s very few charging stations
    And even if you find one…
    You can’t charge a car to full within 10 minutes
    (that’s important even just for personal safety these days)
    An EV needs to have a range of at least 300 mi in winter in the Midwest
    There need to be plenty of charging stations at least every 5 miles and local security needs to be guaranteed
    Otherwise I’m not going to ask my daughter to go out and take my EV and tell her to just charge it wherever needed – hell no
    Not the way things are today
    Common Sense says that until a customer can duplicate the gasoline experience with an EV it’s really pointless
    GM needs to focus on hybrids
    Hybrids for economy and for enhancing the power of their gasoline engines much like the way Toyota and BMW are doing it

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