Future Cadillac Sport coupe.

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Cadillac Sport Coupe illustration.

No, there is no rumor of an upcoming new two-door Cadillac Sport coupe. This is just someone dreaming.

We know Cadillac is working on 2 new sedans based on an updated version of the Ultium EV platform. Which is good news. Although these 2 sedans might just end up in China. We’ve seen the new Escalade IQ and a few official shots of the Optiq and Vistiq. All SUVs.

Maybe the smaller sedan platform could be used for a nice sporty and luxurious new 2-door coupe. Not a super large new Eldorado type, but something more like the Lexus LC. An expensive car starting at over $97 000, but still less than a third of what the crazy Celestiq will cost.

And yes, the Lexus LC is not a popular car with under 1800 sold last year in the US. But who cares, if Toyota can do it so can GM.

They did it years ago with the XLR, which, in its best year, still sold only around 3700 units. A “new XLR” (with another name) for the EV world would be a great image builder for Cadillac.

I also think it is a much better idea than a handmade car that starts at $ 340,000. I mean really. A flagship needs to be seen to impress. Cadillac plans to only build 100 to 150 units of the Celestiq a year. That’s about 10 times fewer than the Lexus LC!

Who will ever see one in real life?

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