Porsche “K1”.

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K1 is the current code word for Porsche‘s upcoming large 3-row EV SUV.

This will be one big top-of-the-line expensive EV. Another toy for millionaires. Regular humans will not apply. These new illustrations show what the big guy could look like. Which is basically like a larger and longer next-generation Porsche Cayenne EV.

I’m not sure what this will be competing against at launch. Since it will be way over $ 100,000. I guess the upcoming Range Rover EV could be a contender. So far nothing from Bentley yet. Or Audi. No electric 3-row SUVs in that price range from BMW or Mercedes yet either. Or maybe some AMG versions of the Mercedes EQS SUV?

But there will be more competition soon. Much more. I am sure all the brands mentioned above are working on their own big and super-expensive 3-row #V SUV.

A while ago, Porsche mentioned the K1 being scheduled for 2027. We’ve already seen many spy shots and it seems 2026 at the latest is more realistic. Of course, there are already rumors of crazy specs like 1000HP. Or a range of almost 500 miles (In the optimistic European test cycle).

I’m sure they find a way to cram 1000HP in there… It seems to be everyone’s goal these days…

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