2025 Tesla Model Y.

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2025 Model Y console prototype.
Current Model Y console.
2024 Model 3 console.
2024 Model 3 console.

This isn’t much, but I guess any news about the revised Tesla Model Y is news since it was the most-produced car in the world last year.

The top photo shows the revised console design for the 2025 Tesla Model Y. As we all already know, the Model Y will be getting the same changes we saw a few months ago on the Model 3. This seems to be confirmed by the photos above showing the revised console next to the current one, and the one in the new Model 3.

For a while, it seemed the revised Model Y would be out just a few months after the Model 3. Then Tesla mentioned we wouldn’t see it before 2025.

Then some crazy turmoil started with rumors about the future smaller and cheaper Tesla model having been canceled. Later, crazy Musk revealed a new “Robotaxi” model would be unveiled in August. Then the unsavory billionaire started firing people, including all of its Super Charger team.

No new cheaper model and no or very little Supercharger expansion is basically the best way to sink the whole company. There has been no new model for a while, except the Cybertruck which was introduced over 5 years ago. The Model 3 is over 6 years old and the newer Y is basically a roomier version of the same car. These will be getting old soon, and a revised interior which looks a lot like the previous one, and smaller headlights are not enough.

The infantile Musk later mentioned new models are still coming very soon. Maybe even later this year (!) Supposedly using a mix of the current and the next-generation platform. Which really makes zero sense since that would take years to develop.

What we’ll probably see are decontented versions of the Model 3 and Model Y for a bit less money.

Things really don’t look good for Tesla and I don’t think new interiors will do the trick…

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  1. Even with the updates, the Model 3 and Y are getting long in the tooth.. but not nearly as long as the Model S and X!! These 3 and Y changes are much more substantial than the ones made to S and X a few years back, weird considering they are going on 13 years old already.

  2. Lower cost models are due out on the Model Y platform……………….But I think you knew that.

  3. These changes are a joke. MUCH less substantial than even a modest MCE from any other manufacturer. Essentially no changes to powertrain and only the most minor changes to chassis and interior. The “big” changes are the additional of acoustical glass to two windows, and extra screen for rear passengers, and a modest change to the front and rear? I own a Tesla. I want them to be successful but intellectual honesty demands one admit that MB, BMW, and everyone else regularly makes far more substantial changes with their MCEs 90% of the time and they would have all-new (or HEAVILY overhaueled) models by year 5. It’s clear Elon has lost interest in developing a great (EV) car company and instead is interested in building a company defined by AI. Given the market multiples associated with AI businesses vs. car businesses, it’s pretty obvious why that’s the case. The car business is tough, $$, and inherently low-margin. It’s most likely the reason Apple abandoned its effort. Apple could have built a car (certainly with the help of manufacturing partners if it wanted to forgo building its own factories) BUT its board realized that relative to the iPhone + services businesses its got, the margins in the car business suck and the market cap add wouldn’t materially move the needle on a multi-trillion company. Elon is trying to defend a centi-billion market cap and realizes doing that by building a great EV car company is not going to do it. Hence the underinvestment in core business and hard pivot to AI

  4. A Toyota Prius looks almost identical to itself from 10 years ago. It is hard to add flourishes to an aerodynamic vehicle without affecting performance. That’s why all Tesla ‘s look the same except for the Cyber truck. Even the Cybertruck is about as aerodynamic as something of design can be. Don’t expect much change to Teslas anytime soon.

  5. 2007 through 2021 Toyota Tundra had not changed in 15 years.
    Nissan Frontier neglected to change in over 12 years.
    Ford F250 and 350 kept their design from 2000 through 2018.
    Dodge Ram hasn’t changed for nearly 20 years until recently.

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