2027 BMW i1.

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Apparently, BMW is working on smaller cars based on the same new EV platform as the upcoming Neue Klasse sedan and SUV.

These new models would be offered alongside the recently updated BMW 1 series and the upcoming redesigned 2-series sedan.

The i1 would be offered as both a sedan and hatchback. While another model, the i2 would look more like a crossover and has already been described as a “spiritual successor to the BMW i3“. Whatever that means, since I don’t think BMW has it in them to come up with such an original product as the i3, no matter how great the Neue Klasse ends up looking.

The i1 sedan and hatchback are scheduled for 2027, while the i3 will come out a year later.

This is all good news, and let’s hope they are all inspired by the really nice Neue Klass styling. Although I think the illustration above is just a shortened Neue Klasse sedan with a hatchback. I hope BMW will put a bit more effort into it than this…

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  1. I do kind of like the design – first good looking BMW in ages, but wouldn’t this directly compete with Mini?

  2. Ehh. I really hate everything BMW has done the past few years, including the Neue Klasse concept. Terrible.

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