Cadillac Coupe.

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This is a real thing. A real car actually designed and built by Cadillac. This is not one of the many illustrations I’ve posted lately, about daydreams of possible future Cadillac designs.

It has obviously never seen production. But this concept has also never been shown to the public, for some odd and sad reason.

While it resembles a lot of the patent images we saw in 2018, you can tell the patent sketches show a more toned-down version of the real thing. Which perhaps could have been a production version of the stunning concept. And I mean stunning. This is what a Cadillac should be. It’s amazing to see, once again, a fantastic design from Cadillac even if it never reached production. And this one was not even shown as a concept. (The photos have been unveiled on GM Design’s Instagram account)

It’s obvious that both the concept and production model were planned but none of them saw the light of day. The patents date from 2018, and I guess by then sale numbers of the Cadillac CTS Coupe might have scared GM into introducing a new generation. And the CT5 has only been sold as a sedan. Still, just imagine this car on the road. The concept is also a hatchback, which would have made the new coupe much more practical than the Cadillac CTS Coupe. As far as its name, I remember some sites mentioning CT8 for the new Coupe. And not “CT5 Coupe”.

This is even worse than seeing cool illustrations. At least we know they’re not real. But this almost happened. Just imagine how disappointed these talented designers must have been.

A true luxury brand isn’t just about numbers. I can’t imagine Mercedes was selling tons of the C-Class or E-Class convertibles, and yet, they’ve combined them into the new CLE Convertible.

This is both the coolest and the saddest thing I’ve seen all day…

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  1. Wow that’s gorgeous. It has to be incredibly frustrating to be a designer at GM knowing that you have some of the most talented co-workers in the industry, an incredible history to draw from, but ultimately the penny-pinching accountants seem to ruin almost everything.

    I like Cadillac’s current line-up, but they definitely need more exciting cars. They have had coupes in their lineup for decades, and now would be a great time to add another one.

  2. O think Cadillac lost their way when they axed the CT6 for tbe U.S. market. It was a terrific car that only lacked a more modern looking interior and losing that old fashioned shiny wood. I lived mine and changed to Genesis because it offered a full size alternative that GM abandoned.

  3. In my opinion it looks like a stretch Camaro that had blind spots all around the car. I like the ideal of a V series coupe. Cadillac V series coupe. Boss

  4. Yeah it’s nice, but it doesn’t matter how cool it is. In another reality where American exceptionalism still existed, perhaps they could actually sell them. Even in previous eras when Cadillac halo cars were built, they were loss leaders for the brand. Now they’re more like white elephants because in actual reality, nobody actually buys them.

  5. I I have three Cadillacs and one Lexus coupe 500. I would trade in anytime the Lexus coupe 500 for the coupe Cadillac if you make them or the El Dorado.

  6. My 2013 CTS Coupe, Premium, is a fabulous car that brought Cadillac no shame whatsoever. Cadillac should step up and inspire us: put this incredible jewel into production!

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