Cadillac Coupe de Ville.

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As far as we know, no new Cadillac coupe is planned in the near future. No Eldorado, or Coupe de Ville.

However, we already know 2 all-new sedans based on a revised version of the Ultium platform are in the works. Which is good news.

Since Cadillac has gone nuts and is now offering a crazy looking $340, 000 EV sedan, why not a large coupe? Not a sleeker Eldorado, but a more conventional-looking “Coupe de Ville”. Of course, most current buyers have never even heard of that name, and maybe even never actually seen a big Cadillac 2-door coupe.

The first Coupe deVille came out back in 1949, and after many generations, was produced until 1993. While very popular at first, and sometimes even outselling the 4-door Sedan de Ville, sales dwindled down to 4711 units in its last year. A new sedan generation came out in 1994, but the 2 door coupe never returned.

Up until the 1980’s these were giant RWD 2-door cars roaming the North American roads. While they were huge they weren’t as roomy inside as you’d expect. Things could change with the much more efficient Ultium platform and a new big Cadillac coupe could be quite roomy and stylish.

The huge American 2-door Luxury coupe is a body style that has disappeared long ago, but we still have great Rolls Royce coupes around as well as Bentleys. Why not a new big Cadillac that’s not an SUV?

It’s not crazier than a $340,000 Cadillac now, is it…..

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  1. That kind of styling just wouldn’t work anywhere in the US outside maybe Houston, New Orleans, and Los Angeles car culture.

  2. That is a gorgeous rendering. There is a demand for an American Luxury sedan or coupe. But quality is of the essence to compete with Europe.

  3. That is one gorgeous vehicle in the illustration! It’s extremely unfortunate that it doesn’t really exist.

  4. Thanks,I build a prototype race car when I was young,the kids were building race cars,Chevy ,fords for titles,we all had part time jobs,this were our spare time racing,I always wanted to build a car for GM,now if I can get with GM Board of Director ,I can build a car now,The problem is ,I tried to get a 2 million dollars credit for a prototype ,it didn’t happen,I just wanted to build that car,I have known that it will sell.

  5. Waiting for something to come along that espouses a timeless design that’s not outrageous and loses it appeal in a couple years.

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