Smart #5.

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As expected, the all-new Smart #5 looks almost exactly like the Smart 5 Concept we saw just last month. It seems the concept was just the production car with a few off-road bits added to it.

Just like the Mini , the Smart has grown. This new Smart #5 is the same size as the new 2024 Mini Countryman, which looks pretty big in person. Or just about 5 inches shorter than the current Honda HR-V. Which isn’t tiny at all and would be perfect over here.

But, unlike the new Countryman, the new Smart #5 isn’t coming to the US. The last time a Smart car was sold here was in 2019, back when their only model was the super tiny ForTwo 2-seater, which always had very limited appeal.

Since then, Smart has been offering a Smart #1 and Smart #3. Both a much larger cars with very modern designs and EV powertrains. Again, at 168 inches long, the Smart #1 is smaller than this new #5, but not tiny, and almost the size of a Chevrolet Bolt EUV. The #3 is basically a “coupe” version of the #1.

Since 2019, the Smart brand has been a joint venture between Mercedes and Geely, owners of Volvo, Polestar, Lotus, and Zeekr. I always wondered if Smart could come back to the US through Volvo dealers as a sub-Volvo brand. Although these days smaller Volvos and these new larger Smart cars share a lot of components and might end up being about the same price.

It’s a bit too bad…

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  1. Wow! I’m really impressed! It looks very attractive! It is the first vehicle by this brand that I would actually consider purchasing!

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