Toyota Camry Wagon.

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Toyota Camry wagon illustration.

This illustration shows what a wagon version of the 2025 Toyota Camry could look like. Something we will unfortunately never see.

The first Carmy wagon appeared in 1986, as part of the second-generation Toyota Camry lineup in the US. The 3rd generation appeared in 1991 and offered a redesigned wagon, as well as a 2-door coupe. Which basically looked like a 2 door version of the sedan, while the wagon body style went a bit nuts.

For the next generation starting in 1996, Toyota decided not to offer the wagon in North America anymore. However, a redesigned wagon version of that model was still offered overseas. From then on, the Camry was only offered as a 4-door sedan.

Of course, Toyota doesn’t want to compete with the hyper-popular RAV4, but I think there would still be room for a Camry wagon. Maybe not the one pictured above, but a more offroad-oriented version. As it seems Subaru has no problem selling the Outback alongside the Forester.

However, it seems Toyota chose a different path by offering the new Crown Signia, which is an AWD wagon. Starting at a pretty crazy $43,500. While the RAV 4 Hybrid starts at around $34,500. And the new 2025 Camry Hybrid at $28,500. That means a Camry Wagon could have been cheaper than a RAV4.

Just like the $29,700 basic Subaru Forester is about $1000 more expensive than the base Outback. And somehow both are very popular.

I really liked the Crown Signia when I saw it at the Los Angeles Auto Show, but at that price, it will be a big failure for Toyota. A Camry wagon in both regular and more off-road trims could have been much more popular and also, would have never been compared to a Lexus, as the Crown Signia has been by almost every reviewer so far. And what is the point of competing with your own Luxury brand???

And I’m not even going to mention that stupid name…

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  1. Would love to see a Camry Wagon as in your illustration. The Crown and Crown Signia are not only overpriced, but disastrous in concept and design. The RAV4, although uninspiring and utilitarian in design, has more interior room at a better price point. And, don’t even get me started on the Tundra engine woes, or the, not so, Grand Highlander or the anemic, noisy, premium fuel requiring engines, and vague steering which plagues the lineup.

  2. Camry Wagon, yes.
    Crown/Crown Signia, no.
    Anemic, noisy, premium fuel engines and CVT, no.
    Tundra engine, no.
    Toyota is reaching new lows in concepts and quality.

  3. Why doesn’t the USA learn that many patriot folks love the stayswagon still!!!

  4. I love camrys there so reliable. I really want that camry wagon. 2024 here I come…….

  5. I have 2014 venza that I have owned since new love the wagon version of the Camry the newer venza is smaller and signia is a lot of money. I will keep my venza till it dies or I do.

  6. Am a former Toyota salesman for 14yrs of the 22yrs of being in the business. I owned a 1995 V6 Camry wagon until my ex wife got in the divorce. She hated it when got for her but years later she had to say it was best car. Many people don’t realize that the suspension in wagon or estate car handles better. That’s why the manufacture in Europe loves them. Known Toyota they don’t want to hurt all the compact SUV sales. But it handles better and MPG’s is better and I loved my 22 Highlander Hybrid until someone total it out for me. Now Toyota go ahead and take the leap.

  7. The Highlander is basically a Camry wagon that’s lifted come on Toyota USA build a concept then shop it around

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