2025 Toyota Camry.

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Toyota has released official pricing info for the redesigned 2025 Camry.

The “redesign” is modest at best, since the car is basically the same as the previous generation. A design dating back to 2017. The front end is new, and so are the rear lights. And for some reason, the rear side window is a bit more angular. Otherwise, this is the same design.

Inside, things do look new. I’m not sure it’s that much better but at least it does feel new. The Camry is still a huge seller for Toyota with over 290,000 of them sold in 2023, the last full year of the previous generation.

The 2025 model, which Toyota insists on calling a new generation, comes standard with the Hybrid powertrain. So prices above a compared with the Hybrid versions of the 2024 model. As you can see, the revised 2025 Camry is basically priced the same as before, give or take a few hundred dollars here and there.

This is a pretty good deal if you were in the market for a Camry Hybrid in the first place. If you just wanted a non-hybrid or a V6, you’re out of luck and you’d better run to a Toyota dealer right now and get a 2024 pronto.

The 2025 Camry’s main competitor is of course the Honda Accord Hybrid. While Honda still offers the regular 1.5 Liter Turbo on the Accord, the cheapest Hybrid starts at $32,900 for the Sport Hybrid trim. Which is quite a premium over the 2025 Camry base price, but you do get a car that had a new design for 2023, not a warmed-over 2017 model.

I do like the photo on top from the Toyota’s webside where they describe the Camry’s driving experience as “the thrill of the road”. Something I’ve never heard before about the Toyota Camry. Not only it claims to be “thrilling” but that has now been “perfected”. Which probably means the Camry is the best driving car in the world.

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  1. I’m sure its got a decent powertrain but at what cost? I went to their website to built one but guess what, you have to get a quote from a dealership, meaning added accessories at a crazy amount of money, tinted window ($699) and price adjustment due to the vehicle being in high demand they will claimed. In comparison Subaru and others let you built a vehicle, the way you choose and get it. The Accord powertrain and interior is nice but the outside, they destroyed that look. Just my opinion.
    I drove the Prius the other day and I wasn’t impressed by it. Too low to the ground, the top steering wheel blocks the speedometer. Better off with a Corolla SE.
    The Hybrid powertrain is definitely a great move by Toyota and the vehicle will sell. But Toyota needs to do something to control their dealership’s practices.

  2. El Toro – I just bought a new Toyota. It had $5,200 in up charges on the window (tint, ceramic coating, paint protection and $1,900 markup). I walked out paying below MSRP. Just because it’s on a sticker, doesn’t mean you have to pay for it. Also, instead of the Corolla SE, get the Corolla hybrid.

  3. Toyota almost split the difference correctly between putting money into an ICE-based model and their full-electric future… for the moment only. They didn’t spend much to redo the 2024 into the all hybrid 2025MY), keeping their prices down compared to the Accord. But, if hybrid/ICE’s live longer than expected, Toyota will need the next iteration Camry to be a much improved/advanced vehicle. Toyota hybrids are more efficient, but they’re also not enjoyable to drive, are rough feeling, and have low level tech. Honda, by contrast, had to change the Accord. It looked 10+years old and they took a major step forward in their hybrid systems. Is the Accord design going to hurt Honda? Maybe. But they’ll have less ground to cover than Toyota, next round. For Toyota, I think this 2025 redesign will last about 3 yr before they’re pushed to reskin again. Maybe by that point, they’ll have enough battery capacity to push a Prime PHEV into the Camry lineup.

  4. Sounds better than those “ultimate driving machines,” and those cars there is “no substitute,” for. Seems Toyota has a World beater on it’s hands. 😂

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