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Future Lincoln Town Car illustration.

Ford is hard at work on many new EV models. Not only 2 large 3-row SUVs for Ford and Lincoln. But also a new compact SUV and Pickup at a starting price of around $30,000. And no, a new Lincoln Town Car is not part of these future plans. At least as far as we know…

The Town Car was everywhere for many years. By the end, it had become the default car to be driven in as a step up to regular cabs. Many limousine companies used the Lincoln Town car as a base to build many stretched sedans. Now it seems this has all been replaced by huge GM SUVs like the Cadillac Escalade.

The Lincoln Town Car was produced from 1981 to 2011, through 3 generations. It represented an old-fashioned American idea of a luxury car and was never as modern or sophisticated as the foreign competition. But it was also much cheaper.

I wonder if there would still be a market for something like a new Town Car sedan in the EV age. With a new EV powertrain, it would easily be the most powerful and quietest Town Car ever. And probably much more comfortable than any of these huge body-on-frame trucks.

Development costs could be reduced by using the same platform and powertrain as the upcoming large Lincoln EV SUV. Cadillac is working on 2 new EV sedans based on the Ultium platform.

I say why not…

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  1. The public sector deserves a great Lincoln sedan for the comfort and luxury that it provided people who wanted it instead of a suv or truck

  2. I am very sorry that lincoln dropped the town car. I have an 05 and would loved to been able to buy a 24 had they not stopped making them. Oh well

  3. A new EV Town Car would be a blessing, I pray you build one I’d buy it.

  4. I’ve had two Lincolns and Loved them. I would buy one in a minute if they would make a gas powered one.

  5. Why are you using the same Chrysler Imperial concept car cture reworked to be a Lincoln concept?

  6. I have had a lincoln car since the eighties . I have probably driven the lincoln brand. Now I have been waiting For an electric vehicle with the lincoln brand. I I current Drive a ford mustang machE, all electric vehicle. , Just waiting for the day when lincoln’s coming out with a full electric vehicle.

  7. When they said they were dropping the Town Car I wrote and told the Ford people that if they’d quit making cars to outlive God, then they could expect to be in the same class as a Rattleac, or Cattleac. Then they said no more cars, only sun’s and trucks! I guess I’ll have to buy foreign ’cause I like cars, even though I hate the idea of owning a foreign car unless it’s one I deserve to own…a Bentley or a Rolls Royce! Electric? I drove 2 tesla’s and that was enough for me. I may be in a minority, but I’ll never, ever own an electric vehicle. When you have a power outage, I’ll still be driving my car!

  8. I had a small limousine company, from 2008 till 2022 I have been driving a Lincoln town car , i always told myself when I retire my last vehicle would be a Town Car. Just 2 days ago July 11 2024 I was thinking, will Lincoln Town Car coming back, then last night I sawed this picture of a new best car ever existed I couldn’t be more happier, unfortunately I lost my limo business, I hope that I will be able to have or to drive one of my dream vehicles. Thank you Ford Lincoln Dealership.

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