Mazda EZ-6.

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These are more photos of the new Mazda EZ-6 EV we saw a few weeks ago, inside and out.

The new Mazda EZ-6 sedan is based on platform from Mazda’s Chinese partner, Changan. It is related to the Chinese market Deepal S7 sedan from Changan. But Mazda was able to come up with an all-new design and interior for the EZ-6. The EV version is a RWD model. And there is also a range extender version available with a 1.5 Liter engine.

In China, the new EZ-6 will be sold as a successor to the Mazda 6 sedan. While the new Mazda EZ-6 doesn’t took that big, it is actually one inch longer than the previous Mazda 6 sedan. And a full 8 inches longer than a Tesla Model 3.

The interior design is pretty minimalistic with a Tesla wannabe large 14.6 inch screen right in the center of the dash. It also seems that almost all controls would be from that screen as I can’t see any buttons or switches anywhere, except on the steering wheel.

Production of the new Mazda EZ-6 will start in China in a week.

Do you think Mazda should be thinking of bringing this new EV sedan over here?

It seems VW has already given up on selling the new ID.7 sedan in North America. However, the Hyundai Ioniq 6 sedan is selling pretty well. Sales of the EV sedan jumped by over 790% in March compared to the same time last year. For a total of almost 2000 units in March 2024.

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  1. Not great looking, but it must be huge inside with an insanely long wheelbase considering that short rear overhang compared to the old 6.

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