Toyota Land Cruiser FJ.

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This looks like another realistic illustration of an all-new Toyota model called the Land Cruiser FJ. (Or is it the real thing?)

There have been rumors for a while now of a small off-road SUV from Toyota. At least since the new Land Cruiser unveiling where Toyota shows a silhouette of the new smaller model.

Something like this could end up being quite popular and give some competition to the Ford Bronco Sport. A new small Toyota SUV would probably come with a standard Hybrid powertrain. Toyota has plenty to choose from.

It would also be smaller than the RAV4 but not necessarily cheaper. Since Toyota seems to be charging quite a bit these days for their off-road vehicles. Even the super basic “cheapo” Tacoma pickup starts at over $31,000. Which is more than the base version of the RAV4.

No one knows yet how much the new 4Runner will cost, but the previous model started at over $40,000. I guess a small Land Cruiser FJ would have a hard time starting at under $35,000. Which would be quite a bit higher than the Ford Bronco Sport starting at around $30,000. (The “big” Bronco starts at around $40,000).

A hybrid compact off-road new Toyota could become very popular.

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  1. The dealers are going to make it painful to buy with their ridiculous markups.

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