Tesla Model 2.

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This is another illustration of what the upcoming compact Tesla model could look like.

Of course, we have no idea what it will really look like since we have not seen any shots of real prototypes yet. There was a lot of talk a few months ago about Tesla’s next model, and that has died down a bit since, especially with the launch of the Cybertruck.

While the Cybertruck is of limited appeal around the world, the new small Tesla is supposed to reach a worldwide capacity of 4 million units eventually. Which is either crazy or at least optimistic. However, the Tesla Model Y is close to becoming the world’s best-selling car. Which is something I never thought could ever happen, for so many reasons.

The latest rumors mention the car would be about 15% shorter than the Model 3, and about 30% lighter with a smaller, more efficient battery. At about 157 inches long, the new small Tesla would be shorter than a Chevrolet Bolt by 5 inches. Cars that size have never been the most popular models in the US, yet Tesla expects the new car to be much more popular than the current Model 3 or Model Y. Another weird prediction that goes against everything we know.

The small Tesla is still expected to have a starting price of around $ 25,000. Currently, all Tesla models come loaded with almost everything standard, from a high-end stereo (even the new base Model 3 has a 9-speaker system) to a glass roof. It will be interesting to see what Tesla includes for $ 25,000.

$25 000 is not as crazy as we might think since the good old Chevrolet Bolt starts at $26 000, and the next generation is supposed to use cheaper batteries as well. The current Bolt also has a 260-mile range, which is quite amazing for the price.

But Tesla is Tesla, and once it comes out, the cheaper and smaller model will probably become what everyone who wants an EV will want to buy.

Tesla just got the final permits to start construction of their Giga Mexico Plant where the new model will be built. It takes Tesla under a year to build a whole factory, which means we could see the small Tesla pretty soon. Unless they use the new factory for a while to build existing models like the Model 3 and Model Y.

Unlike the Cybertruck, the compact Tesla will be quite a hit in Europe and other countries. But it will also face extremely stiff competition from Chinese models like the Zeekr X, the upcoming Renault 5 EV, VW ID.2all, and many, many others. By the time it comes out, it could be one of many models in the fast-growing sub-$30 000 EV market around the world.

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