Honda EV Compact Pickup.

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Compact electric Honda Pickup illustration.

Last year, Toyota introduced the EPU EV Pickup concept. Showing what a sub-Tacoma modern electric pickup could look like. If ever produced, it would be a competitor to the Ford Maverick. Both the Maverick and EPU concept are about 200 inches long.

It’s not that hard to imagine that if Toyota actually produced a smaller electric pickup, Honda would be at least thinking about the same thing. Although Honda has been late more than once. Especially on bringing their hybrids to the US market. Which is a shame. At least their partnership with GM allows them to offer 2 new EVs this year, the Honda Prologue and the Acura ZDX.

Honda still offered the Ridgeline, which doesn’t really compete with body-on-frame trucks like the Toyota Tacoma or the Nissan Frontier. Lately, it seems they have been focusing on the more off-road-oriented model with the Trailsport version. While it might not be as amazing off-road as the others, the Ridgeline does ride like a luxury car.

There is room for a smaller EV pickup smaller than the current Ridgeline. Honda has shown they are working on an all-new series of EVs based on a new platform with the first model being a production version of the Series 0 Saloon concept coming. I am sure they could use that new platform to come up with a cool smaller pickup.

It wouldn’t be that hard, would it?

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