New Lancia Ypsilon.

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We finally get to see what the new Lancia Ypsilon actually looks like, after many, many months of spy shots and illustrations.

It basically looks a lot like the other Stelantis models based on the same platform. Like the Jeep Avenger, Fiat 600, and others from Peugeot, Citroen, DS, and Opel. (A new small Alfa is also coming) They are all available as EVs with a 250-mile range (in the European test cycle) or a hybrid with a 1.2 Liter engine. It will also be the case for the small Lancia.

The design is supposed to be inspired by the odd Pu+Ra HPE Concept from last year. It seems the Ypsilon designers tried very hard to cram as many design cues from the concept into the production version, which ended up looking rather odd. The black plastic trim on the front end looks like a last-minute add-on. And the interior is desperately trying to look different , but just ends up looking mostly weird. The circular phone charger tablet especially stands out in an interior with no other round shape. It just ends up looking like it’s trying too hard.

I know these designers have to work with what they have, which is an older platform with a very generic silhouette. Adding strange bits was maybe all they could do. At least Lancia isn’t dead yet, as Stealntis promised. This is a nice change from what Sergio Marchionne was trying to do, which was killing every car brand he was poorly managing, except Jeep and Ram.

Of course, the new Lancia, just like all its platform cousins, will not come to North America. But Stelantis will soon introduce the new Dodge Charger EV, the Jeep Wagoneer S, and Recon, and finally, a new Chrysler model for our market. And we should see all of these this year.

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  1. This design is anything but Italian, what a mess. You can tell that Stelantis French designers threw in their rather questionable design cues into this car and wound up ruining it…

  2. Marchionne only wanted Jeep, Ram, Alfa, and Fiat. Well… that went well. They should have never split Ram and Dodge, or have sold Ferrari. After multiple attempts, Fiat is DOA is North America. Despite the constant sychophantic industry applause, Marchionne was just another CEO with delusions of personal grandeur, like Carlos Ghosn.

  3. “It basically looks a lot like the other Stelantis (sic) models based on the same platform”–? I think not. Not based on the photos of the Jeep Avenger and Fiat 600 you link to.

  4. What a mess. While Lancia might not be dead yet, this model will do nothing to help them survive. Darn shame, but when your concept car looks pretty terrible, there’s little chance your production models will look good. Some tough decisions need to be made at Stellantis. If that means killing off 2 or 3 or even 4 brands so more resources can be applied to the other brands, then do it now before the entire corporations gets eaten up by the Chinese. Unfortunately, Lancia is as good as finished if this is their best effort.

  5. It seems like one of those designs you have to see on the streets. It could be terrible, or it could be good, but I can’t tell with tight framings and head-on/side-on angles.

    CX, I would argue that FCA only gave Fiat one attempt in the US. Fiat did OK at first, but they didn’t follow it up with anything. It happens all the time: one VP pushes a project, it does great, they get promoted, and all the hard work goes to waste. See the Chevy Bolt and Volt for instance: decent cars, ahead of their time, and GM just lets them get old and disappear.

  6. yes because the current Ypsilon is the true pinnacle of breathtaking Italian design

    totally doesn’t look like an undercooked second generation PT Cruiser

  7. Really surprised by all the negative comments. Lancia was all but a “ghost” brand for decades. The outgoing Ypsilon is a very old car that always looked a bit odd but yet distinct and stylish, sure. It was meant to be an economical small car which was mainly sold in Italy and not many other places. So why is this new Ypsilon rubbing people off the wrong way? It’s still a niche brand for a niche market. And it’s not an SUV or crossover so sales margins are small even in Europe now. It’s far better than it could have been, and think it looks distinct and cool enough. People nowadays want to complain and want bespoke cars at base price.

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